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The Best Inspirations to Make 2 Page Resume Template

A resume is something that you must make and submit to the company when you apply for a job. Generally, the resume is made only 1 or 2 pages. Then, now, you will get good information related to a 2-page resume template.

Well, a resume is like bait when you are fishing and it has to be good and delicious for the fish to eat. Likewise with a resume, so that companies want to see, review, and remember your resume, then you must make a CV as good, neat, and attractive as possible.

Consider making a 2-page resume

If your resume is more than one page, it’s better to tell a good story like, for example, you were able to increase productivity by 25% or highlight a change in process for several teams at several companies where you worked previously.

If you can summarize your accomplishments to tell how you made your role, job, project, or assignment better and you need more than one page to demonstrate it effectively, then use that time and place.

What about the extra space? Don’t worry too much about the extra space on the second page. Recruiters have short attention spans and don’t want to scan more information than they should. But if you feel like you have to fill that space, be strategic, and make sure the information is relevant.

If you haven’t already, add information about your leadership, organization, volunteer work, hobbies, or sports. This will show that you have a life outside of work and provide some insight into your personality. Not only do you create a CV in text, but you can also use charts, circles, timelines, and graphics.

Example of a 2-page resume template

After knowing some of the considerations that must be considered when making a 2-page resume template, now you know some examples of interesting 2-page resume designs, including:

Resume 2 sheets with soft colors

A resume display like this will be interesting to see. The combination of soft colors is not too painful on the eyes when reading it. Even the color play in making a resume must also be considered. So that when someone reads it is not affected by the various colors that you make as a resume background.

Resume 2 sheets of flower print

You can also use resume designs such as flower prints that are sweeter and more beautiful. Make a flower print in the resume area which is used as a border or frame.

Playing with shapes and colors

Who says playing colors and fonts on a resume is not recommended? Instead, you can use several shapes and colors in the font so that the resume is attractive. Of course, use colors and shapes in fonts that don’t make it difficult for readers.

Those are some inspirations to make a 2-page resume template.

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