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Academic Curriculum Vitae Template to Continue The Career

If you want to continue your career in the academic field, writing a professional resume if a curriculum vitae is an important matter to do. There are kinds of academic curriculum vitae templates that could be a reference to ease you in writing that document.

Well, a thing to be known about a CV is this document will be the first read paper by the recruiter to value the candidate. A professional CV consists of complete personal information of the candidate, so the recruiter will know the characteristics of the candidate.

Here, we will talk about some matters of the academic curriculum vitae, especially the ways to write it. For those who are curious about it, read the following writings below.

Sample ofAcademic Curriculum Vitae

We have a simple sample of the academic CV that could be your reference. This sample is clear with a regular arrangement of information. Of course, by seeing this sample, you could know what to be written inside a professional CV.

Defoe Tarra

Parklands Ave, PA | (123) 881-0018 | defoe.tarra@email.com

Personal Summary

A high-dedicated undergraduate with two years of experience in industrial chemistry. Specialized in digital chromatology, condensate analysis, and the use of different statistical tools. Looking to improve the knowledge of industrial chemistry research to a better level.


New Massachusetts State University

Bachelors of Science in Chemistry

April 2017

Honors and Awards

The scholarship of dean around $5,000 per year


The image and seismic effect of the oil exploration on the American land: A metastudy

Working Experience

New Massachusetts State University

Department of Chemistry, Research Assistant

July 2019 – current

  • Assisted the professor in the different researches, especially about the fractal analytics
  • Conducted the field survey to determine the detailed opinion of the local communities, especially about the gas project
  • Helped the researchers in the analysis process using SPSS

MSU Student Science Club

May 2015 – June 2019

Assistant Treasurer

  • Collected the issued receipt and annual dues to the members of the club
  • Participated in the meetings of the club
  • Compiled the financial records of the club
  • Recommended the ways to raise kinds of needed funds
  • Referred the students to the appropriate administrative officials when they need the financial assistance


  • Fractal analysis
  • Use the different equipment of fractional distillation
  • Data analysis
  • SPSS
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Multitasking

Seeing the sample above, you may see that writing a professional CV or resume substantively is simple. You may apply the arrangement of the sample to write your professional resume.

How to MakeAcademic Curriculum Vitae

To make a good academic curriculum vitae, we have some steps that you may follow. Some steps that could be followed in writing a professional CV are:

What are tips to create a professional academic CV?

To write a professional academic CV, you may see some tips that we have below:

  • Think about the length of the document and make sure that you write only two paper length maximally
  • Think about the structure of the CV. Find a good template to know the whole structure
  • Consider the audience of the CV
  • Make the CV is easy to read
  • Be consistent in writing the information
  • Carefully edit the CV

What should not put in a CV?

There are some matters that you should not put in a CV. Of course, these matters also will help you to write a better and professional CV.

The matters that you should not put in a CV are:

  • Badly CV formatted
  • A long and waffly CV
  • Misleading detailed information
  • Unexplained gaps inside the employment
  • Burying important information inside a CV
  • Providing irrelevant personal information
  • Errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammatical

Is it important to consider design for a CV?

Well, since providing better readability of a CV is needed, you need to think about the design. The design is very useful to help you write an interesting CV with a better view. We are sure that it is will be effective to interest the recruiter.

Kinds of Academic Curriculum Vitae Template

As we have said before, using a template can be a helper when you want to write your academic curriculum vitae. By using a template, you will know the detailed arrangement of a CV and how to manage the information.

Here, we have several templates of a professional CV that you may use as a reference in continuing your academic career. See the CV templates below.

Academic Librarian Curriculum Vitae Template

When you have some skills to manage the library, becoming an academic librarian is a good idea to be chosen. Here, we have a simple template to help you in writing a CV. Follow the arrangement and write your professional CV.

Academic Facilitator Curriculum Vitae Template

For those who want to be an academic facilitator, you need to prepare the whole important personal information to join the new management. Here, we have a simple template that you may use. Follow the arrangement and create yours.

Academic Evaluator Curriculum Vitae Template

An evaluator is needed in the field of academics to make sure that the academic target can be reached maximally. Here, when you interesting in this position, you could use this simple academic curriculum vitae template as the reference.

College Academic Advisor Curriculum Vitae Template

Do you want to be a college advisor? Well, here we have a simple template that you may use. By applying this template, of course, writing a CV will be easier to be done and the result also will be better.

Well, that is all about the academic curriculum vitae that you need to know. Of course, to help you in writing this document, you may look for a sample of the academic curriculum vitae template, so writing this document will be easier. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.

Academic Curriculum Vitae Template Sample

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