Termination Letter for Theft and Template

Not all employees would always have good conduct during their whole employment. Some could be doing something dishonest. Stealing something is one of them. Before things get worse, you should send termination letter for theft if such is proven. There is no use of keeping such employee either, isn’t there?


What Is Termination Letter for Theft

This worker termination letter is to end employment with the worker who has done some stealing in the company. Of course, such thing must be investigated first before the letter is sent. That way, you can fire the said worker without any trouble.

How to Create Termination Letter for Theft

Termination letter has similar format in general. However, there is specific one to terminate theft. If you are in the need to write one, we will tell you how to make theft termination letter below. Follow the procedure and you will be on the right track in writing the letter. It will help you convey things in order.

  • Address the worker
  • Inform the termination
  • Explain his misconduct
  • Ask for responsibility
  • Leave contact info
  • Sign the letter

Tips to Create Termination Letter for Theft

The procedure to writing the letter might be to brief to explain everything clearly. So, we have these tips added in this termination letter guide to help you learn and make better result. Let’s get down to them below to cut things short and finish it all.

  • Keep formal writing
  • Be straight to the point to be clear
  • Be specific with offense details
  • Notify the employee of the proof

Termination Letter for Theft Template

Let’s complete your understanding by taking a look at the letter for theft template below. It should give you clear view of what to write. Even you can make the best termination letter for theftthat informs and explain things in the proper manner. Proofs must be included to back up your decision. So, here we go.

Dear Mr. Dios,

I send this letter to inform you that as of February 2, 2021, you will be terminated from your employment with XYZ Agency. We came to this decision due to your misconduct.Since the past 2 month; we have been getting reports about missing electronics in the company building. So, we installed hidden CCTV cameras.

On January 14, 2021, you were captured bringing laptopsoutside the building. We have of course investigated if you were in order to move those things, but you weren’t. Since they in company is serious offense, we can’t tolerate you keep working as our employee any longer. We ask you to take responsibility.

We have the stolen things listed to be returned along with your employee badge, cell phone, and company cards within 3 business days. Do hand them over at the company’s security checkpoint. You may contact our lawyer, Mr. Alex Ciello at (555)-500-8921 if you feel we are in error in terminating your employment.


Lucia Stannia

Lucia Stannia, Human Resource Manager

XYZ Agency


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