School Appeal Letter and Its Sample

A school appeal letter rarely results in the reversal of admissions decision of a college. But it doesn’t hurt for a student to try it. To make it accepted, a student has to show that circumstances have dramatically changed between now as well as the time the student applied for originally & was denied admissions.


What Is a School Appeal Letter?

This is a kind of letter used by a student to appeal the decision of the school for a circumstance. Even though it is not always accepted, a student has to try it because there is an opportunity that the appeal is accepted.

What to Include in a School Appeal Letter?

There is no formal format for such a letter. However, it should contain the following elements:

  • A greeting or salutation
  • An appeal statement
  • Explanation for an appeal
  • A thank to the school
  • Your contact information
  • Your signature & name

How to Make a School Appeal Letter

Here is how to make this kind of letter:

  • First of all, address the letter.
  • After that, begin it by stating your appeal directly.
  • Explain the circumstances and why you appeal.
  • Convince the school and request for a second chance.
  • Don’t forget to give thank.
  • Put your signature & name.

Tips to Make a School Appeal Letter

If you want to make a school appeal, the following tips should be considered:

  • Send it on time.
  • Consider your grounds for appealing against the decision of the admission authority carefully.
  • Provide supporting information in the letter.
  • Check that it’s correctly dealt with.
  • Don’t be shy!
  • Verify it thoroughly.

School Appeal Letter Sample

Here is the letter sample for a school appeal:

Dear Dr. Cook,

I appeal the decision of Las Vegas University to reject my admissions application. I realize that most decisions are final. However, I have extenuating circumstances that will be worth.

I know that the rejection of my application is based on the fact that my SAT score didn’t reach the average. My second SAT was much better than the first one. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the score when the deadline came.

My poor performance of the first SAT was because my car hit my neighbor’s dog and I help him to take his dog. Unfortunately, the dog died. Because of that, I lose my focus during the test. That is why my score was really low. 2 months later, I retook the exam and I got much better scores.

Therefore, I ask you to reconsider my application for my second SAT. Thank you very much for your time & consideration. If you need to meet me to talk about this matter further, just feel free to call met at (111)-111-1111. You can also send me an email at


Martin Jackson

That is all about a school appeal letter. If you face the similar situation at your school, you can try writing and sending such a letter to have the opportunity to improve your performance of a test or exam.


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