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High School Resume Template to Prepare Facing Working World

For a high school student like you, developing and training yourself to make a resume is a good idea to start preparing and facing the working world. A resume can be used for job applications or even to complete a college application. That is why considering some ideas of high school resume template is needed to be done.

Well, a template of a high school resume is a good document to be seen. The template shows the detailed information that should be written on your resume. Besides, you also could find what to be written and how to shape a good resume from a template.

Many templates of the high school resume are available. It means you are free to choose the best template that is suitable and appropriate for your needs!

Sample of High School Student Resume

To inspire you in making the first professional high school resume, here’s a sample that can be your guideline. Of course, this simple high school resume template provides what you need to write inside a good resume. See the sample below:

Tim Howard




I am a motivated high school student and accounting professional seeking an opportunity to increase my knowledge and learn alongside industry leaders in the different teach-space where I could use and apply my skills. Also, further, develop my passion and knowledge for accounting and mathematics.


Silver Tech High School

Graduation date: June 2019

GPA: 3.9

Relevant coursework: Advanced Geometry, Intro to Business Study, Basic Mathematics, Calculus

Experience and Activities

Accounting and Finance Internship

Jenkins.co, April – July 2018

  • Performed testing, system analysis, and documentation for the different processes
  • Organized the whole process to decrease the spending time
  • The project team selected as the winner for the most interesting and innovative

A Team Captain, 2016-2017

  • Lead the team meetings
  • Developed practice event to prepare the match and competition
  • The team won at least 10 times during staying as a team captain


Alex’s Grocery, 2014 – 2015

  • Handle kinds of different tasks with high pressure
  • Conduct different kinds of transactions, including refunds, gift cards, and others
  • Developed new and innovative strategies to increase the transaction

Awards and Achievements

  • Certification of Intro to Business
  • Academic Honor Roll 2015 – present
  • Member of the key club 2016 – 2017

Skills and Abilities

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good communication
  • High concentration
  • Active listening
  • QuickBooks
  • Accepting constructive critics
  • Highly motivated

How to Write High School Resume Template?

Using a template of a high school resume can be a good idea to be done since it will be very useful to ease your needs in writing this document. However, knowing ways to write a good resume is also important.

Here’s a detail that you could apply to make a good high school resume step by step. See the detailed matters below:

  • Include personal information
  • Include an objective of the career
  • Highlight kinds of experiences
  • Provide detailed information on education
  • List the achievements and awards
  • Share hard and soft skills

People also ask

What should be on a simple high school resume?

The simple high school resume should consist of some detailed information. The basic information to be included inside the high school resume is the full name, the information of the high school, the expected graduation date. Besides, a resume also should show the GPA, experience, skills, awards, and other relevant information.

What skills should be added or listed on my resume?

On the simple high school resume template, you may see some different skills that can be added to the document. Some skills to be considered and added to a simple resume are:

  • Communication
  • Computer skills
  • Leadership
  • Management skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Computer skills
  • And others

How can a teenager make a professional resume?

  • Read the whole job description
  • Make the detailed personal information or contact
  • Included the statement of objective
  • Add relevant sections with the needs
  • Give facts when it is possible
  • Proofread the resume before sending it

Kinds of High School Resume Template

When you look for the best high school resume template, there are some different kinds of it for your inspiration. The different templates will be very useful to ease you in finding the most appropriate shape of resume to reach your needs.

High School Librarian Resume Template

This template is very versatile, especially for the high school student that wants to be a new librarian. Of course, this template will show what information should be written by the student that is relevant to their dream as a librarian.

High School Nurse Resume Template

Becoming a nurse is the dream of some high school students. However, they need to face a long recruitment process before becoming a new nurse. This template will be very useful to ease them in getting the attention of the employer.

High School Teacher Resume Template

This template of a high school resume can be very useful, especially when the students want to be a teacher in their future. The detailed template can be a supportive document to help them join the new college and get more experience to be a new teacher.

High School Academic Coordinator Resume Template

A high school academic coordinator resume template is a very useful sample of the professional resume. This template will be very helpful, especially for the high school students that want to get a new position as an academic coordinator.

High School Business Teacher Resume Template

The high school business teacher resume template can be a guideline, especially for those who want to continue their career. With this template, writing the whole resume will be easier and the result also will be better. All information that should be written is arranged maximally and neatly on this template.

With several samples of the high school resumes, of course, writing this professional and important document will be easier. We are sure that it will be easier to get what you want with the sample resume.

Of course, all you need to do now is finding the best high school resume template that you want. Follow the detailed shape and write the whole information. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.



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