Request for Promotion to Get a Better Position inside the Company

Getting a better and a higher position becomes the dream of every worker. However, sometimes, they need to wait for too long time. That is why create a request for promotion can be a solution or a way to be applied to get a new position that you –as an employee, want.’

Some people may say that asking for a promotion is rude. Substantively, it is normal, especially for an employee that has high dedication and role inside the company. However, the employee also should think about the reason for asking for the promotion.


What is a Request for Promotion?

The request for promotion is a letter or a formal document that is written and then be sent to the supervisor. The main purpose of this letter asks the supervisor about getting a higher position than the current one.

The letter of request for promotion should consist of a detailed explanation about why you deserve the position that you want. Of course, this letter cannot give a guarantee that you will be promoted. However, it will give you a bigger chance to get a new position.

What are Strategies to Write Request for Promotion?

To be successful in asking about the promotion and get a better position, these are some strategies that should be known about making this letter. Through appropriate strategies, of course, the chance to be promoted will be bigger.

Some strategies to be considered in making this letter are:

  • Send the letter at a proper and appropriate time
  • Use the professional salutation in opening the letter
  • State the request and follow it with the detailed qualifications
  • Offer solution for filling the current role
  • End the letter with optimism

Things to Avoid in Making Request for Promotion

Besides some strategies to be known in creating a request for promotion, there are also some matters to be avoided in creating it. Since this letter is formal, you are not allowed to make a personal language style and ambiguous words. Be professional with what you write.

On another hand, do not send a request for promotion in a hurry. Give times for the supervisor to learn about your letter. Then, when you still do not get the answer to the request, you need to be patient.

Sample of Request for Promotion Letter

There is a sample of the request for a promotion that can be learned here. Read the following sample to get inspiration about what to be written below.

Dear Mr. Jarvis

I am writing this letter is to consider my promotion. In the 9 years since I joined the company, I reach many developments and targets to keep the existence of this company. Besides, my workload has been expanded greatly.

My current position is as a team leader. I am confident that with the ability and the developments that I have reached, I could be a good new line manager for this company. That is why I ask you to consider it.

Of course, I always open to any feedback that you may have for me. Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Yours sincerely,


That is all about the request for a promotion that you need to know. Try to find an appropriate template to help you create the best letter.


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