5+ 1.5 button free template in PSD


Using the Available 1.5 Button Template

The button is one of the most common shapes of the design. Maybe it seems so simple you can always make it. When you want to make a button, you can use a 1.5 button template and use it as the model.

The 1.5 button template

One of the most used in designing the button is the 1.5 button size custom. It is likely the size of the tennis table ball in the standard. It is a very affordable and quite good size to be attached to your bags.the size is quite great for the badges in the uniform or even your casual outfit to make it more stand out.

To make your job in making 1.5 buttons easily done, you can just use the .5 button template.

How to use a 1.5 button template?

  1. Download the template

The internet is the source for you to find any kind of materials to make a button, including the design of the1.5 button. You can easily find the template who have the shape according to your need. The 1.5 button template is available as well, just type the keyword and you will be offered many sources you can download it.

  1. Purchase or not

Some of the templates need to be purchased first before you can use them. However, it is available as well in the free design 1.5 button template if you want to. You can choose either of them because there are so many source options you can use

  1. Editing

Once you’ve already downloaded the template, the next thing you can do is edit the buttons based on your liking. Customize the design as well as adding the element in your buttons, so it is not just the plain button. For example, you can add the photos, the words, and any other designs you want on it.

  1. Print it out

Then, when you’ve done editing and adding some graphics in your button, it’s time to print it out through the media you used. For the badges, you can use metal materials. You can also use the plastic or vinyl as the media for the buttons. It is quite light rather than the metallic of course, but it might not last in a long time. So, decide the materials you want to print the button as necessary.

Thus the guide for using the 1.5 button template you just download from the internet source. You can use the buttons as the souvenir to your friends or guests too.


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