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The Questions Checklist to Create Right 1,25 Button Template

Let’s talk about a 1,25 button template. Well, buttons are an essential part of an application. Without buttons, we cannot interact with the applications we use, so it can be concluded that buttons are a means or medium if we use applications. Oftentimes we underestimate how we design buttons and their placement but this is very important because it will relate to how the user experiences when using our application.

The principles to design a button

We should create the button that seems like a button. When we design a button, the button must be shaped like a button so that when users use our application they can find out which parts they can click and where they cannot. To facilitate this we have to incorporate shapes, colors, shadows, etc. in designing the buttons.

We also should make the users expect to get or find the button easily. It means that putting the button in the right place is important. This thing is a comfort factor for users because the applications they use look familiar to others so they don’t have to waste time looking for them.

It is also important to consider the size of a button in connection to the page’s various elements. Besides that, we have to ensure that we have designed the buttons with large enough size for all users in order that they can interact easily.

In designing a 1,25 button template, consider the order. In designing a button we should use everyday instructions. For example, on our page, such as when creating the NEXT button, we can use the arrow to the right so that the user can guess this button will take us to the next page. Conversely, when we create the BACK button, we use the left arrow so that the user can find out that this button can make us return to the previous page.

Checking the design of button template

Basically, each design has its own unique. Then, each design also usually has a common item set. That is the checklist of great designs that come in. Well, you have to ask some important questions (related to the principles) to ensure that the design of the button has been right for all users.

Can users identify the element of yours as a button? 

We should think of how the button design can communicate affordance. The button’s shape, size, color, and drop-shadows should seem like a button.

Do the labels of the button give clear messages based on everything that happens after doing a click? Actually, using a generic button label is more important than only naming a button or explaining what a button does.

Will all users easily find our button? 

Besides thinking of the label, color, and shape of a button, placing the button in the right position on a page is also important. Consider the path of users passing the page and think about how the users will easily find the button.

Those are the ways to design a 1,25 button template.

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