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Guide for 1.5 Inch Button Template

Buttons are one of the necessary elements that can be used on many occasions. For example as the element for the fashion accessories, name tag, badges, pin, any other. The buttons have a process that is relatively easy and affordable.

1.5 Inch Button Template 

As you might want to make the buttons as your business, a 1.5 inch button template will help you a lot. The 1.5 button is about the size of the ping pong ball or fifty-cent coin circle. It is perfect for the badges and fashion accessories you can wear it on your clothes.

The inch button template is not too much if you need it as the fashion accessories. The elegant shape is to suit your outfit and your bags.

Guide for the 1.5 Inch Button Template 

  1. Make it yourself by software

You can make the button by yourself. You can use the application or the software design to help your work. Of course, it will take time so you can get your buttons perfectly made to your needs. If you don’t have the recommended software for design, you need to install it first on your PC.

  1. Use the template to make it easy

The important thing about the template is, it will make your job easy. The 1.5 inch button template is available out the internet and you can use it as the guide. It helps a lot and is also easy to edit.

  1. Use the template to make buttons quickly

When you have run out of time or are in a hurry to make the buttons, you just need to use the 1.5 inch button template to make your job quickly done. You will save a lot of time to make the button’s shape and design just by using the already made buttons.

  1. The image on the buttons

When designing the buttons and the image you will be used, make sure it has a lot of extra so you won’t have ruined the image on the buttons, especially on the edge of the button. Don’t make it too fit, add a little bit more than 1.5 inches for the image, but do not make it too large as well so there are not many cropped images on your buttons.

Do you already know how to use the 1.5 inch button template right now? The next step is to download the 1.5 inch button template and you can use it as the element for your design!

1.5 inch button Design Ideas

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