Thankyou Retirement as a Way to Keep Relationship with Team

Retiring sometimes becomes a fact that should be faced by the employee. It will be an emotional moment, especially after years of being an employee in a specific company. That is why making a thankyou retirement letter can be a good idea to do.

This letter can be a good way for an employee to say thanks, especially to the employer and his or her teams and friends inside the company. An employee may write this letter before the final working day. Of course, it can be a way to build a good leaving moment.


What to Send Besides Thankyou Retirement Letter?

Making the thank you retirement letter sometimes does not enough, especially when you have several special teams inside the company. That is why sending a gift could be a good idea. Some gifts can be prepared and are attached to the letter.

However, what is the best gift to be given?

Sending a card can be a simple and good idea to try. However, for some special teams and friends, giving their favorite thing also can be a special option.

What is the Setup of Thankyou Retirement Letter?

The thank-you retirement letter can be made formally or not. However, to send this letter to the employer and staff, the formal letter is better. For the formal letter, these are some basic setups to be included there, such as:

  • The date and address of the letter
  • The name of the recipient
  • The opening letter with a formal salutation
  • The body of the letter consists of some experiences or best moments inside the company
  • The future hope for the company
  • The closing letter
  • Signature and name

Tips to Make a Good Thankyou Retirement

To make a good thank-you retirement letter, these are also some tips to be considered. Finding an appropriate template is a good idea since it will ease you to make it.

Then, make a clear statement inside the letter of thank-you retirement. The detailed statement will influence the effect of the readers. That is why you –as the writer, need to be careful in arranging your statement.

Sample of Thankyou Retirement Letter

Here, there is a sample of the thank you retirement letter that can be a consideration to make it. Read the following sample below.

Dear Mr. Smith

Through this letter, I will inform you about my retirement next August. When I retire, I still unsure about what will happen for the rest of my life. Well, that is because of the great moments that I have with the teams at this company.

Before I leave this company because of my retirement, I would like to say thank you for all your attention and help during my long working time. Without your guidance and the teams, I do sure that I cannot handle the job maximally.

Besides, I do hope that this company could survive in the future. With all sources that had by the company, I am sure that this company will be bigger day by day.

That is all about my letter. Once more, thank you very much for the memories and moments. Please keep in touch by calling me at (888)919-1222.

Yours sincerely,


That is all about the thankyou retirementletter that you may make. Find a good sample to maximize the result of it.



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