Scholarship Appeal Letter and What to Write inside It

Getting a scholarship will be very helpful, especially for students that have limited funds to continue their studies. However, a scholarship in common will come with some requirements. That is why the scholarship appeal letter sometimes is made to make some clarifications.

Well, the students may write the scholarship appeal letter, especially when they cannot fulfill the target of the giver. With this letter, there will be a new consideration whether the continuity of the scholarship will be cut or not.


What is the Scholarship Appeal Letter?

The scholarship appeal letter can be known as a document that is made by a student to keep his or her scholarship. In common, this letter is made when a student –that gets a scholarship, cannot fill the target as it is written in an agreement.

Through this letter, the student could write what happenstohim or her. Of course, this letter will be a new consideration that the student may still get the scholarship. In common, the organization –as the giver, also will give a little time for the student to fix the condition.

What are the Setups of Scholarship Appeal Letter?

A scholarship appeal letter includes in a formal document. That is why there will be a specific setup that should be considered before writing it.

The basic setups of the scholarship appeal letter to be considered when making it are:

  • The date of the letter
  • The basic information of the sender, including name, address, school, and others
  • The appreciation about the scholarship
  • The latest condition that becomes the reason for writing the appeal letter
  • The statement to do a better effort in the future
  • The closing statement
  • The detailed name and signature

Tips to Write Scholarship Appeal Letter

These are also some tips to be considered when you want to make a good scholarship appeal letter. Finding an appropriate template can be a helper for you. The template will provide the basic shape of the letter to be followed.

On another hand, in writing a scholarship appeal letter, a formal language option and style are needed to be applied. Since this letter is a formal document, the statement also should be written formally.

Sample of Scholarship Appeal Letter

There is a simple sample of the scholarship appeal letter that can be a consideration when you want to make it. See the detailed sample of it below.

Dear Mr. Thomson

I am writing this letter after the recent loss of my current scholarship because of the drop point in the latest grade. I realize that there is an agreement to keep the score point at 3.0 to continue the scholarship and I only get 2.9.

Of course, I will be responsible for the condition of the point and will try a harder way to increase it. Through this letter, I want to tell you that the decreased score last semester are because of the unstable condition of my family. About five weeks in the last semester, my grandfather had terrible sickness. I was very close to him, so his condition also breaks me down.

I am sure that it is my fault when I get a worse score. However, through the condition, I hope that you could understand and my scholarship could be continued.

Well, that is all about the scholarship appeal letter that you may know. Find a good template and make your best letter!



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