Advocacy Letter to Give Support for the Specific Object

Delivering support becomes an important thing to do, especially to help an individual that lays on the problem. Many ideas of support are available to be shown. When it comes to the formal way, you may find the advocacy letteras one of the ideas to be made.

As its name, this document is used to give some advice. The advocacy itself means an individual or group that stands behind people as the object and puts their energy to influence the decision-maker. Through the letter, the statement can be written completely and clearly.


What Are Reasons for Writing Advocacy Letter?

These are some matters that become the reasons why writing an advocacy letter is needed. Some common reasons to be known are:

What Are Steps to Make Advocacy Letter?

These are some steps to be considered when an individual wants to make a good advocacy letter. The steps are:

  • Identify yourself as a constituent, since the politicians will only respond to a constituent mail
  • Be brief and simple in writing the letter. It will be better when the letter is written only a page or two pages in maximal
  • State and report the position, especially in the first paragraph
  • Personalize the letter
  • Be polite, especially in choosing the wording idea
  • Stick to facts

Things to Avoid in Making Advocacy Letter

To be successful in writing an advocacy letter, these are some matters to be avoided during your making process. Using an ambiguous and unclear statement is avoided since it will only provide unclear information.

Besides, a letter cannot be built only with an argument. There should be facts and evidence of the case to strengthen the arguments.

Sample of Advocacy Letter

Here, there is a sample of an advocacy letter that can be a consideration when you want to make it.

Dear Mr. Mallow,

Our community will give support the VCAB outside on January 25, 2019. We would be glad to have you on that agenda. The agenda itself will be held at 11 a.m with the press conference an hour later.

The VCAB or Video Caption Access Bill will accept any commercial video production. It comes as the solution to the problem of the deaf video because of the government’s rule.

We know that you have good leadership and knowledge about our movement. That is why your attendance is very essential. With your influence, we are sure that our program could be successful.

That is all that we need to say. When you have another question, please contact me at (777) 881-2929.

Yours sincerely,


The sample of the advocacy letter above can be a reference for you. Find a template to help you make the letter. Of course, you need to personalize the letter, so the message inside the letter could be delivered and understood well by the reader or the other object.



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