VA Appeal to Get Back the Benefits and Rights

VA or Veteran Affairs is a department that handles the needs of the veterans, especially deliver the benefits for them. However, sometimes, there is a problem with benefit allocation. That is why the VA appeal letter is needed to be made as to the solution.

Through the letter, an individual could tell about the detailed problem and its clarification. Of course, with a detailed statement, they could get back the veteran’s benefit.


What is VA Appeal Letter?

It can be said that the VA appeal letter is similar to the common appeal letter. As its name, the letter tells about the life of the veteran and it is sent to the veteran department. The document tells about the case happens to the veteran, especially about the right and the benefit of the veteran.

However, when you want to write this appeal letter, you need to call the veteran administration in your area. It is very essential since every area has a different party that handles it. Besides, the different areas may have different rules to be run.

How to Make a Good VA Appeal Letter?

To make a good VA appeal letter, these are some points that can ease you in making it. Some points to be considered in making this letter are:

  • Review the appeal process when there is a possibility
  • Determine the address of the recipient
  • Explain the problem or the purpose to be stated
  • Describe why it is unfair for you as the base of the problem
  • Outline the desired outcome
  • Do some follow ups to get the latest news

Tips to Create VA Appeal Letter

Since the VA appeal letter is a formal document, you need to be careful about what to write. These are some tips to be considered when you want to make it.

Some common tips that will guide you to make a good VA appeal letter are:

  • Check the policy of the company
  • Use the business letter format or template
  • Use the polite tone and formal language arrangement
  • Admit any mistakes
  • Stick to facts that happen
  • Keep it simple and brief

Sample of VA Appeal Letter

Here, we have a sample of VA appeal letter that can be your consideration. Read the following sample below.

Dear Mr. Tanner

Here, I am writing the formal appeal to the decision of VA that disables my benefits for the post-traumatic stress that now I get as the effect of my last war in 2012 ago. I am only the sole survivor of the 6 soldiers at the moment.

I have struggled to hold down the job. The nightmares come to me every day and the condition put me on other difficulties. Besides, I need to check the stress condition regularly. It needs more funds, especially when the doctor applies special treatment.

Through this letter, I want to tell you the truth. I hope that this letter could be another consideration to continue my benefit as a veteran. Thank you for your attention. When you need more clarification, you could call me at (888) 112-2181.

Yours sincerely,


That is about the VA appeal letter that you need to know. Find a good template for the letter to ease you in making it.




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