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Make Most Benefits of 11×17 Brochure Template

What kind of promotional strategy did you use for your business? In this internet era, you can find so many options available to make your business more recognizable. You can use the digital marketing strategy using social media platforms for instance. You can even use the ads. Nevertheless, the old method such as using brochures is still gold. You will love using the 11×17 brochure template.

Brochure for Business Promotion

If you have a great worry about the efficiency of using a brochure for your business promotion, you just have to make sure that your brochure design is attractive. It must be able to give enough information as well. It sounds like you have to hire a professional designer to help you create the brochure. This kind of cost can be skipped since you can utilize the 11×17 brochure template.

11×17 Brochure Template Tips

With the benefits of creating the brochure for your business or service, you surely do not want to miss the great opportunity for promoting the business with the right brochures. In this circumstance, you have to consider the tips below to make a stand out brochure including when you want to use 11×17 brochure size.

  1. Choose the Right Size

Size is essential especially when you want to print the brochure. You can consider several options of standard brochure sizes including 11×7 measurements for your brochure. The choice of the size will depend on the information quantity that you want to include in the brochure. Nevertheless, you have to keep the brochure simple and clutter-free.

  1. Consider Printing Specification

When you want to print your brochure, you have to pay attention to various specifications of printing. You have to decide the type of paper to use. Do not forget about the finishing of the brochure as well. You will find a different feel and look when choosing different papers and finishing type for your brochure. Nevertheless, the choice of paper and finishing will depend on the budget.

  1. Create a Digital Version

A printed brochure is still useful for promoting a business but nowadays you must not forget about the online market as well. You might have more opportunities to grab new customers’ attention by sending a digital version of the brochure. The specification of the printed and digital brochure will be completely different.

Whether you want to create the printed or digital version of your business brochure, you can always find the right option of an 11×17 brochure template to use.

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