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5 Ways to Make 3×5 Index Card Templates in Microsoft Office

The usefulness of the 3×5 index card template is very important in finding the stored files. This is of course because the number of archives stored is very large. Because of these large numbers, usually, the managers will have a little trouble finding archives if they are not marked properly and correctly.

By marking files using index cards, they will be easier to find when needed. Apart from being a marker, index cards should not be treated haphazardly because they involve very important documents. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention when saving index cards.

If you need an index card to store some of your important documents, then here’s an easy way to create one. You only need to use Microsoft Office applications later. That way, it will be easy for you to create a 3×5 index card template later so that you can print it again when you want to use it.

5 ways to make a 3×5 index card template

How to make index cards in Microsoft Office is very easy. You can do this in 5 easy steps, including the following.

  1. Open a Microsoft Office application. After that select the Page Layout tab and select the Size option. To be able to create an index card version, you can use the bottom option in the form of More Paper Sizes.
  2. After that, a parameter request will appear. Select Custom Size from the option marked Paper Size.
  3. After that, you can set the Width to 5 “and Height to 3”. As a side note, keep in mind that the value of Width is always the height of the Height. You can also see in Preview how the size of the template you created will appear.
  4. Next select Margin with Narrow option. This option will help you by making the margins of the document to 0.5 ”on each side of the document. After that, you can be ready to make edits to the document.
  5. To create a new index card underneath, you can use the Insert option, then select Page Break.


Well, that’s an easy way to create a 3×5 index card template in Microsoft Office. So you don’t have to bother going to office supply stores to buy index cards anymore to help you keep your files.

Just make it yourself in the Microsoft Office application, then print it according to your needs. If it runs out, you can easily reprint it later.

3×5 index card Design Ideas

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