3+ Rental Agreement Template


Secure Your Rental Agreement with a Rental Agreement Template Sample


Rental agreements, be they housing, car rental, heavy equipment rental agreements, or other rental agreements, have been approved by the Criminal Code. According to the Indonesian Dictionary, rent means the use of something by paying money, while renting means using (borrowing, accommodating) by paying rent.

The Contents of a Rental Agreement Template Sample

A rental agreement template sample can help you in making your template sample. In a regular rental agreement, there are a few things that have to cautioned greatly. Those things are as follows:

1. Identity must be clear

Don’t forget to always ask for the identity data of tenants. Identification can be in the form of National ID, family card, and a photo. Adjust the data according to identity on the contract agreement.

2. Articles must be clear

Explain the articles in making a letter in detail and detail that is easy to understand. It would be better if it is directly to the core and not general.


3. Imposing sanctions

Sanctions can be written one by one in the contract. Sanctions can explain if the tenant is late paying, and what is the grace period for paying sanctions, and the deadline is over.


4. Make sure the agreement stamped

The stamp is used to confirm that the agreement is of legal value so as not to be misused and not treated arbitrarily. There is also a need for signatures on the stamp duty of both parties.


Types of the Rental Agreement

When you are searching for a rental agreement template sample on the internet, there are lots of types to choose from. The type you use depends on what kind of rental are you conducting. A few of those types are as follows:

  • Housing rental agreement
  • Car rental agreement
  • Shophouse rental agreement
  • Apartment rental agreement
  • Office rental agreement
  • Villa rental agreement
  • Restaurant rental agreement
  • And so on


A lease agreement is an important part of renting something. As long as your rental agreement is excellent and strong, you can rest easy, knowing that there is no problem with your rentals. Make sure every detail is filled correctly, and find yourself a nice rental agreement template sample to help you make the rental agreement you need.






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