4+ Free Graduation Invitation Templates


Utilizing a Free Graduation Invitation Templates Sample


Graduation is a proud moment and deserves to be celebrated. This celebration is usually in the form of a photo session with their friends, a vacation with family and friends, or a graduation party. To hold a graduation party you need to make an invitation. This will later be shared with everyone who will be invited.

The invitation that you make must of course be made with an attractive design, so that friends and family are impressed. One easy way to make an invitation is to use a free graduation invitation templates sample. With this sample template, you will be able to make interesting graduation invitations.


Steps in Making a Free Graduation Invitation Templates Sample

In making a graduation invitation, there are roughly 5 steps that you need to follow. The steps are as follows:

1. Pick a template

There are a lot of free graduation invitation templates sample out there. You need to find the specific one that suits you best for your big day. Also, make sure the design can be appealing for your guests as well.

2. Add image

Next step after choosing free graduation invitation templates sample is to add images related to your graduation. Templates usually already have images in it. So you only need to replace some images so you can include your images.

3. Add fonts and texts

It actually would not be necessary to change the font. However, if you think the font does not suit you or if you have another idea about the font, you can change the font. Do not forget to change the text and add the necessary details about your graduation. Remember, do not fill the whole invitation with text. Keep it simple and elegant.


4. Change the background

The background is very important. It conveys the theme the most and has to blend in with the fonts and images. Choosing the color and design of the background is very important, so you should use the necessary tools or software to make sure the background is perfect. Background needs to suit the theme, or it will look out of place.


5. Print and share

After you are finished with all the steps above, you need to print your invitation. Or if you prefer digital invitation, you can share them right away on social media and emails of your guests. Review the invitation before printing or sharing them. Make sure nothing is wrong and everything is in place.


Now you have utilized the free graduation invitation template sample and make your graduation invitation. A good invitation will lead to an even better event. Happy graduation!




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