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Make Class Schedule Template For Student And Lecturer


Both students and lecturers need a class schedule template. This template serves to organize class schedules so that activities become more precise and organized. The class schedule serves as a reminder and trains the discipline of the plan that has made. In this pandemic period, where all activities are restricted, including teaching and learning activities cause all must do online. However, although not face to face, both students and teachers must adhere to the schedule of lessons that have set online. This class schedule template becomes even more important as a reminder that pandemic learning is not lazy.

Type Of Class Schedule Template

Of course, each class schedule has the same function and nature, only a few different sections according to their intended use. Several types of class schedules can be distinguished based on time, i.e.:

  1. Daily Class Schedule

The daily class schedule is made more specifically at what time the activity carried out. Usually, only the date, time, duration, and activity description are listed. This daily schedule made with smaller paper sizes, so it is very suitable to make like a memo. The regular class schedule is ideal for use when the lesson schedule is quite dense.

  1. Weekly Class Schedule

The weekly class schedule contains a week’s class schedule. So what is listed is a week-long activity from Monday to Sunday. Usually, the weekly class schedule is used by students or teachers to record their regular lesson schedules.

  1. Monthly Class Schedule

A monthly class schedule used if there are classes that are only done at certain times each month. Both formal and informal courses. You can create a monthly class schedule in Word or Excel.

  1. Seasonal Class Schedule

Some several colleges or schools apply class schedules that change every season, especially in countries that have four seasons that usually implement a summer vacation system. There will be changes in the plan of activities following the changing seasons.


Must Include In Class Schedule Template

The class schedule is based on the activities of each child so that it contains specific information. Some information in the class schedule includes the name and address of the student, of course, so that different programs are not confusing and cause irregularities. Other information is class or department information for students. The class schedule also contains a time and date to ensure all plans done at the right time. For weekly class schedules, time information is usually from Monday to Saturday. Then in the activity description section contains a description of different subjects, rooms, and lecturers. Some class schedules include a description of the duration to estimate the length of the activity.

Unlike students, the class schedule lecturer only contains information on the time and class taught. Because lecturers usually solely focus on teaching one type of subject with different time and grade. This class schedule is critical for students and lecturers to manage teaching and learning schedules.

Class Schedule Design Ideas

Class Schedule Example

Make a class schedule template according to your wishes. Make it as attractive as possible so that it doesn’t get annoying to see. You can make it in the hardcopy to posted on the wall of the room. Or make softcopy so that it is easy to open at any time through the gadget.





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