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In addition to your education degree, a certificate of completion template written evidence of your abilities. You will usually get a certificate of completion after completing a course or activity that increases skills, hard skills, and soft skills. This certificate is essential for students who want to enroll in a favorite school or job applicants. The certificate of completion gives pride and dignity to students when they graduate, so they have evidence of other experiences besides learning in class.

Information On Certificate Of Completion Template

Although it is not an academic document and does not include an official institution, the certificate of completion document is a valid proof and recognized by all parties. To make this document legal and useful, you must create some information. Information that usually contained in a certificate of completion, i.e.:

  1. Title

Of course, there must be a title that contains the “Certificate of Completion” as a form of appreciation to someone who has completed a training well.

  1. Participant Name

Because the certificate of completion is a personal document, it must contain the participant’s full name information without a title.

  1. Name of Event

The name of the activity in the certificate serves to indicate the type of training. That has been completed by the participant so that new skills are acquired. Usually included the name of the activity in the form of a workshop or theme of the event.

  1. Description of Place and Time

As a form of confirmation, the training has been held, usually in the certificate of completion. The time information in the form of a date, month, and the year included. Some documents also state the place of the building or city.

  1. Signature

Another part that makes a certificate document valid is a signature. It hand usually obtained from the filler or the person in charge of the activity.


Sample Certificate Of Completion Template

To create a certificate of completion, you can use some of the following design examples:

  1. Hard skill training

One of them is hard skills training to improve one’s ability to operate tools, use the software, act, and so on the type of design for this training tailored to the activity. For example, for coding software training, you can use a design certificate with pictures or illustrations in the form of coding or a computer. In contrast, health training includes photos of medical devices or symbols related to the health field. You can also create a design certificate that matches the activity logos.

  1. Soft skill training

In addition to hard skill training, soft skills training is also essential and usually held by several institutions. Soft skills are critical to shaping personal character in facing the world of work, for example, training in public speaking, communication, leadership, and other soft skills to support hard skills and academic abilities.

Certificate Of Completion Ideas

Certificate Of Completion Example

There are many examples of design certificates of completion that can give you ideas for making certificates. In addition to design, things that must consider are font selection. Adjust the font type for training activities that are formal and informal. But the most important thing is to be legible. By having a certificate of completion template, you can claim that the skills you have are not just bullshit.





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