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How To Create Flowchart Template


A flowchart used to represent the steps from the beginning until the end of a process. In a more detailed diagram, it completed with the people involved in the process. A flowchart usually consists of a series of special symbols that connecting by the arrows.

How To Create Flowchart Template

A flowchart is vital for business purposes because it makes a tedious descriptive process into simple ways to understand. There are many symbols used in a complex flowchart, but the basics flowchart symbols commonly consist of :

  1. Rounded rectangles for starting and terminating the process
  2. Rectangles for process stage
  3. Diamond for decisions
  4. Parallelogram for input or output data
  5. Arrows to represent the process flow


Flowchart Template is easy to find. Many websites provide a blank ready template you can download to your computer and fill the symbol that suits the information you want to visualize. But somehow it’s hard to find the right model that suits our problem. The solution is to make it manually. There are the apps you can use to create a flowchart; there are :

  1. Word/Ms. Excell

Ms word is essential apps and the easiest way to create a basic flowchart. In the Insert menu, you can click the shape icon and drop down to the flowchart group to choose the flowchart symbols you need. To add the connectors, you can add the arrows in the line group. Don’t forget to create drawing canvas before adding the symbols and the connectors. This step is also can used in Ms. Excell. Although it provides an easy way to create a flowchart, the symbols option is limited. It’s not suitable for you who want to make a complex flowchart.

  1. Visio

Have you heard about this app? Ms. Visio is a program developed by Microsoft that can help you create a diagram based on the information you have. This app provides hundreds of templates includes flowchart templates. To produce a new flowchart click tab file, New and select the basic flowchart. In the basic flowchart shape, choose the form you want to use, click the structure and the arrows into the next shape’s direction. You can select the connector in the tab home click connector. You can add the text with selecting the form or connector, click home, text block. It easy, right? Unfortunately, Ms. Visio only installed in a full office suite.

  1. Omnigraffle

For Apple users, you can use these apps to create a flowchart. After creating a blank template, you can choose the shape in the tool palette. After selecting all the forms, you need to click the selection tool, click the canvas, and select all. Use the line tool to add the connectors, and the text tool to add a description.

  1. Web-based AppsIf you didn’t have all the flowchart maker applications, there are many web-based apps to create a flowchart that suits your need. Lucidhart, SmartDraw, Gliffy Diagram is the example of a flowchart of web-based apps.

I hope this article can help you make your flowchart templates easier!



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