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Sending a job application to a company can be hard if you do not know how to make a resume at first. The operations manager resume is a simple sample that helps you to create a conventional job application letter to a company.

The sample provides a template that guides you to write a resume easily step by step. One of the samples here is the operations manager resume sample template that can help you to create a resume for the position properly. Take a look at several things below.

Sample of Resume for Operations Manager Position

To help you write a good resume, this is a sample that can guide you to write a format for your job application letter. Check out the format below that gives you details of the information you can put in the letter. You can take another sample to match your job profile.

Adam Benson

Personal Info

Phone   : (555) 111-277-565

Email     : AdamBenson51@gmail.com



Profession: Work as a professional operations manager in a management team and oversees the company. As a manager, the job desks can be accomplished with hard work within high-level HR duties with excellent skills, outstanding training standards, and long experience.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management in New York University and Master of Business Management in New York University.

Current Position: Operations Management in New York Hotel 2021

Work Experience:

Project Manager

Heaven-Light Company

2015 – 2018

  • Work with various events that were held by the company such as party welcome events, business partner events, and donations events.
  • Manage to arrange the schedules and organized the activities that are related to the events. Have responsibilities to organize the job desk of a manager in a company.
  • Assist the manager to control the projects under the company’s event schedules. Create contact with people related to the company such as customers, clients, and partners.
  • Handle the project with more than 30 staff for several projects including strategic marketing planning events held by the company and partners, and more.
  • Involve in a start-up event to help the company reach certain business achievements. The resume for operations manager sample word helps to point out some previous experiences on the list.

HR Operations Manager

New York Food and Drink Co

2018 – 2020

  • Handle and assist the company’s start-up for business in 2018. Manage the staff’s hiring process for the company. Handle the recruiting process and assist with the schedule for the company’s project.
  • Supervise the company’s management, services, and general maintenance. Helps the company’s department to improve the organizational quality process for the company.
  • Handle the productivity, efficiency, and quality of the company’s business management. Manage the team to handle the projects for the company’s business and marketing sales.
  • Develop the leading improvement of the company’s sales through the year. Have the responsibility to analyze the company’s data and potential to lead up the company’s business growth.
  • Develop the opportunities to proactively perform the company’s business development. Create a proper report like what is added in the free operations manager resume template to help the company’s documentation and record.

General Operations Company

Leah&Lo Clothing Business Company

2020 – present

  • Manage to handle the tasks in the office including supervise the company’s management and record documentation. Handle the general maintenance and analyze the organization’s improvement achievements.
  • Focus on the entrepreneur aspects in the business to manage the company’s administrative record and documentation. Handle the financial aspects and service delivery management in the company.
  • Can negotiate the size of payment and percentage of sales in the company’s franchise including the promotion. Helps to set out the business planning, marketing, operating, and advertising in the company.


Bachelor Degree in Management Business

Oakland University, California

2010 – 2013

Business Master

California University

2013 – 2015


Administrative Business Conference 2018

Business Management Conference 2020

Key Skills

  • Have excellent communication along with great interpersonal skills. Can work under pressure and in various situations.
  • Can set out business plans in the company and helps to manage various events with different obstacles.
  • Can manage the relationship with customers and suppliers. Can teach, lead, and assist the team with good teamwork and leadership.
  • Can build a good relationship with customers, suppliers, clients, and business partners. Have excellent understand and skills to handle Microsoft office.
  • Have outstanding skills to do data analysis, reporting, managing and documenting.

How to Write a Resume Doctor Curriculum Vitae

To write a professional resume for the position that you wanted to apply for, you can use the operations manager resume sample for work here. The steps help you to organize your data and create a good resume for you.

What Things to Avoid When Making an Operations Manager Resume?

When you write a resume for a certain formal position in the company, you must avoid these things. Refrain yourself from doing all of the points below to create an excellent professional letter. The things that you need to avoid in the letter are explained briefly below.

  • When you build your resume, do not use ambiguous sentences to deliver your messages. Use a brief and effective sentence to express your idea and experience.
  • Always put details in your resume. Do not leave your contact behind. It is important to leave a contact in your letter.
  • Focus on delivering your data point by point. If it is needed you can add lists of achievements, works, and others.
  • Check out some of the samples to help you sort out the details that should be written in the letter.

This is the format of making a resume that you can follow. You can also get a list of questions that people are frequently asked to get to know more about how to create an excellent operations manager resume.

Operations Manager Resume Sample

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