Tenant Lease Termination to Notify the Property Owner

In common, the termination is made by the landlord to the tenant because of some problems, especially about the attitude or payment. However, the tenant also has the right to terminate. They could make a tenant lease termination letter and then send it to the landlord.

Substantively, the tenant lease termination letter is a common document to be made. Through this letter, a tenant could state that they want to move or to leave the landlord’s property at a certain time. This announcement also could be a notification for the landlord to prepare for the next step.


What is the Tenant Lease Termination Letter?

The tenant lease termination letter is also known as the end of the lease letter. It is a written document that is provided by the tenant to the owner of the properties. This letter is used to notify that the tenant wants to leave the lease at the end of the date without renewing the contract.

Of course, it becomes the right of the tenant to write it. It means the tenant will not get any penalty because of what they do. Besides, after getting this letter, the landlord also could make another preparation, including looking for a new tenant.

When to Send Tenant Lease Termination Letter?

A tenant lease termination letter in common is written by the tenant around 30 days before the end of the lease date. This time is a certain period. With a long time from the end of the lease date, the tenant could prepare all they need, so does the landlord.

However, 30 days is not an exact time to write the tenant lease termination letter. The tenant can write this letter around 60 days before the last lease date. The time depends on the agreement between the tenant and landlord that is agreed before.

How to Write a Tenant Lease Termination Letter?

When you as a tenant want to write a termination letter, these are some matters to be included inside that letter. The detailed matter will ease the landlord to understand the whole stated messages.

Some matters to be included inside a tenant lease termination letter are:

  • Basic contact information
  • The reason for the termination
  • The end of the lease date
  • The instruction of the leaving process
  • The next step that needs to be done

Sample of Tenant Lease Termination

Dear Mr. Kohler

Through this letter, I want to inform you about the terminating of the lease agreement between us that will be effective on April 12, 2011. I appreciate your kindness and willingness to rent to me, as the students that need a better place to stay.

Inside the previous agreement, my rental contract will expire on May 18, 2011. However, I choose to vacate early. Because of it, I also will pay the rent through the term of the agreement early.

I have very enjoyed staying here for around two years. You kept the properties very well. I hope that our relationship could be kept in the future. Of course, when there are time and possibility, I will be glad to meet you.



That is all about the tenant lease termination letter. You a polite tone to make sure that the message could be delivered well.



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