Dental Insurance Appeal to Claim the Right

Some people said that appealing to the insurance company can certainly look intimidating. However, when you do it organized, all matters will be well. For example, when you find unfair treatment, you could make a dental insurance appeal letter to show a protest.

Through the insurance appeal letter, you could show the mistake of insurance management. Besides, you also could claim the facilities or rights that you should get as a member of insurance. However, this letter should be written wisely.


Reasons for Writing Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

To avoid intimidating insurance management, you need to find the possible reasons as the base of it. These are some reasons that could be the matter of why you need to write an appeal letter for dental insurance.

The reasons are:

  • Policy canceled for lack of the payment
  • Unfair treatment from the hospital
  • Claim the right after a misunderstanding
  • And others

Elements of the Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

These are some elements inside the dental insurance appeal letter to be considered when you need to make it. Those elements are:

  • The name of the patient, policy number, and policy-holder name
  • Accurate contact information for the patient and the policy-holder
  • Date of the denial letter, some specific matters on what was denied, and the reasons for denial
  • Name of medical provider and contact information

What to Attach Inside Dental Insurance Appeal Letter?

To win the claim, these are some matters to be attached with the appeal letter. The very first matter is the prescribed medical service to explain why the insurance should cover the needs.

Then, provide the treatment guidelines. It also could be another support to show your position and the right that should be gotten as a member of the insurance.

Another matter that could be attached is the kinds of documents that may support your argument. The second opinion also should be considered to cover kinds of possibilities that may happen.

Sample of Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

Dear Mr. West

I am writing this letter to appeal the denial of my claim number 991 for my treatment that was performed on June 11, 2011. The denial states that the procedure of the treatment was not medically needed.

First, Kenny, as the assistant of Dr. Jack –who is my dentist, contacted the insurance and get the pre-authorization for the procedure. Then, I made the copy that showed the treatment I need was covered by the insurance.

Through this letter, I want to make this misunderstanding clear. With the fact that the treatment becomes the part of insurance’s facility, I want to claim my right. Please consider this detail. When you need more information, you could call me at (999) 121-1919.



That is all about the dental insurance appeal letter that you need to know. Sending this letter is needed to claim your right. However, state the detailed argument wisely with a good wording option. Besides, do not send it in a hurry just to give more time for management to read and to learn the letter.


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