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6 x 9 Postcard Templates for Various Purposes

Today, a postcard is almost forgotten. However, sending a postcard still becomes a good idea for sharing exclusive personal art, spreading a message, or promoting businesses. It is available in various sizes. In this article, we will focus on discussing a 6 x 9 postcard template.

Why Sends a 6 x 9 Postcard?

There are a few reasons why you need a PSD 6 x 9 postcard template. First, it is different from other traditional modes. With a good design, it is very effective to impress the recipient. Besides that, it is also versatile. It can be sent to anyone for different purposes.

Then, you can also personalize a postcard. You may add a picture, adjust the font, play with the color, etc. It depends on your desire. One more, it is also inexpensive. You can create a postcard for any purpose in expensively using our templates.

How to Use a 6 x 9 Postcard Template

There are a few steps how to use a 6 x 9 postcard template PSD. First of all, you have to select an appropriate layout. Here, you have to ensure that your layout works for your desired postcard. Mostly, a postcard comes in a landscape layout. However, you can also consider other ideas.

Second of all, you need to insert images. Make sure that you use relevant images. You can add a single image or more than one. For the next step, you are required to change the background. Here, you should not go for being too loud.

Then, you will have to choose font and also develop text. In this step, you have to ensure that text is short & relevant. You may also need to decide the font color, size, & style. After you are done with your postcard, you can directly print and share the 6 x 9 postcard PSD template.

Why Needs a 6 x 9 Postcard Template

There are a few reasons why you need our templates. First, you have to keep in mind that all of the templates are free to download. You do not need to pay for them. Besides that, you also do not need to go to the post office because you can send it via email.

Then, it also prevents mess and hassle. With our 6 x 9 postcard Photoshop template, you will be able to create your desired postcard effortlessly. One more, it will also save your time. As we know, creating a postcard manually is really time-consuming.

How to Write a 6 x 9 Postcard

To write a postcard, you can start with the title. It should be placed at the top center of the postcard. After that, you need to describe your services or products briefly. It is also a good idea to state the benefits of your products/services.

Then, you must include your businessā€™ address and other contact details such as phone, email, fax, and web. Last, you cannot forget adding a logo and business tagline on the 6 x 9 postcard templateĀ to make it more impressive.

6 x 9 Postcard Ideas

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