Retirement of Appreciation to Congratulate Good Employee

Losing good employees is not an easy thing for an employer even they leave the job because of well-deserved reasons. When an employer or manager faces this situation, they could write a letter about the retirement of appreciationand then send it to the retired employee.

This letter is a simple document but it is very meaningful. Through this letter, a manager could congratulate the achievement of the retired employee during their last working day. On another hand, this letter also could be an instrument to end the working relationship positively.


What is the Retirement of Appreciation?

A retirement of appreciation is a document that is made to appreciate the working of the employee on the last day of his or her work. Of course, this letter could be seen as a positive gesture to be given to the employee.

This letter could be written formally to keep the professionalism of a manager or employer. That is why a manager or employer needs more time to find the formula of this letter. Thinking about what to include in this letter is essential so that the message could be delivered well.

What is the Format of the Retirement of Appreciation?

To deliver the message of appreciation clearly, these are some formats of the retirement of appreciation to be considered. Some formats and what to include inside this thankful letter are:

  • Greeting as the starting points
  • Share the gratitude with the specific example
  • Include any detail, especially about the moment
  • Close with any information and meaningful thought
  • End with a polite closing
  • Add name and signature

Tips to Make a Good Retirement of Appreciation

To make a good retirement of appreciation, these are some tips to be considered. Finding an appropriate format for the retirement of appreciation is needed. The template could help you to make the letter easier.

On another hand, consider using a professional tone. This point is quite important since the professional tone will show the professionalism of the employer.

The retirement of appreciation is also better to be written simple and concise. If it is possible, try to make only a page for the retirement of appreciation. It will ease the reader to understand the whole message.

Sample of Retirement of Appreciation

Dear Jenny,

I received your official announcement of resignation. I found that your last day with Lake Production is June 19, 2011. I accept your resignation letter with some regrets. Besides wishing all the best for your future, you are one of the best members of the team and it will be hard to be replaced.

One of the best moments to be remembered is when you create a new intranet for our company. Through that intranet, our employees could share information as needed easily and quickly. It will be the best achievement that increases the motilities of our company.

I am sure that we all will miss that moment and your attendance. We hope that our relationship and communication could be kept in the future.


Mr. Dawkins

That is all about the retirement of appreciationthat you need to know. Write it to appreciate your beloved employee!



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