Heartfelt Resignation to Build an Emotional Last Moment

Resignation can be a very emotional moment, especially for an individual that has a close relationship both with the boss and co-workers. Well, to make a good farewell, sending a heartfelt resignationletter can be a nice idea to be done.

When you send a resignation letter to an employer or co-workers, it is nice to add some words of thanks. It is a simple matter but it will show an appreciation of becoming a team. Besides, a good resignation letter also could be a way to keep the relationship after leaving the job.


What Does Heartfelt Resignation Mean?

Substantively, a heartfelt resignation letter is similar to a common permission letter to leave the company. However, this letter is made emotionally. By making this letter, an employee that wants to resign from the job could express that substantively it is very hard to leave the company.

The resignation letter itself is a formal document that is commonly sent to the employer and co-worker. It tells the final decision when an employee wants to leave the company. Besides the thanks and appreciation saying, it also consists of the information on the last day of working.

How to Write Heartfelt Resignation Letter

These are some matters to be considered when you want to make a good heartfelt resignation letter. Some matters to be considered are:

  • Highlight specific feats to build an emphasizing
  • Offer an assist during the transitions
  • Maintain the professional tone
  • Write the letter based on facts
  • Follow the professional format of the resignation letter

What to Avoid in Writing Heartfelt Resignation Letter?

To make a good heartfelt resignation letter, you need to avoid some matters. First, since the heartfelt resignation is a formal document, you cannot use any ambiguous words to state your argument.

On another hand, avoid sending a heartfelt resignation letter in a hurry. The letter should be sent at least two weeks before the final day of employment. It will be useful for the employer to read and to learn the details of your letter.

Sample of Heartfelt Resignation Letter

Dear Mrs. Julia

Kindly accept this letter of my resignation as a secretary in your organization. This resignation letter will take effect from June 16, 2019, around two weeks later from my last employment. I feel that my moment of working with you was very awesome.

These are many new achievements that I got and experiences that will be useful for my future. I also got many lessons, especially about team management and how to handle the tasks with the best hands.

My departure from your office will be not easy. It will change the routine but I will face it. I am so sorry when these are some mistakes I did. Hopefully, our relationship can be kept. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the heartfelt resignationletter to be known. Of course, the letter should be written carefully. You may look for another sample to get a new consideration, so making it will be easier to be done.



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