Simple Ways To Write A Medical Termination Letter

There is a time when the relationship between a doctor and patient is no longer going well. For example, if a patient commits several violations or things that make the doctor feel that his/her advice is not being heeded, even though it is for the patient’s good and healthy. As a doctor in this condition, you should end your relationship with your patient properly by writing a medical termination letter. In writing the format, you must be careful not to offend your patient.


How To Terminate My Patient Elegantly?

Terminating contact with your patient can sometimes be a difficult thing to do, but if it is necessary to take that step then you have no other choice. The right step to terminate the relationship with the patient is to write a medical termination letter which contains several important elements including:

Reasons for Termination of Your Relations with Patients

You must provide the exact reasons why you want to end the relationship with the patient. Your reason must have strong and reasonable evidence. As a doctor, if you feel certain things interfere with your performance, then you have the right to terminate. Some of these obstacles include patients who are not following your advice, not paying bills, or frequently not showing up for appointments.

Notifying Effective Date

As a doctor who is about to fire a patient, you certainly have to write the effective date of your last service as a doctor. It can help your patient to get ready and find a new doctor. Also, it takes care of several matters related to administrative costs.

Emergency Assistance

Typically, a doctor will offer assistance for 30 days or at your preferred time if the patient needs emergency assistance. You can also offer a doctor’s recommendation for patient referral. Also, state that you are willing to send some medical records to the new doctor.

Medical Termination Letter Sample

If you are still confused about how to start your letter, you can see the example we provide below. We use a simple and practical format, you can use it as an example.

Dear Ms. Patterson,

I hold the principle that the relationship between doctor and patient must always work well. But I feel that the doctor-patient relationship between me and you is no longer as harmonious as it used to be. So I decided not to be your primary care doctor starting from February 2, 2021.

As I have stated before in our meeting, that you may not be active for one month. But you have come to the clinic several times with complaints of recurring illnesses because of the strenuous activities you do outside the home. You don’t just do it once, but so many times that I feel you have committed a terrible offense.

I invite you to find a new primary care doctor. I can still help you during the transition period and you can still call in an emergency for up to 30 days if you haven’t got a new doctor.

If you need a new doctor’s recommendation, you can contact the ABC Medical Association. I am available to send medical records to a new doctor upon your request. I hope you can find a better doctor.



Dr. Dale Parker

ABC Medical Associates

That’s all our description of the medical termination letter and its sample. Hope our short explanation above can help you to write your termination letter.



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