5+ Employment Verification Letter Template


Employment Verification Letter Template Sample: A Courtesy to A Current Employee


Employment verification letter template sample can be used to state an employee’s job information.

The official department makes this template of a company, which is to issue the employee’s job information. You can get or make an employment verification letter template sample for various reasons.


Employment Verification Letter Template Sample 

It is a letter that is issued by the employer about the employee’s job. This letter is to confirm the employment status of a current employee. An employee can request this kind of letter to a company to state that s/he is a part of the company.

This employment verification letter template sample can be asked by the banks when the employee has to deal with something with them.

1. Why do you need a sample job verification letter template?

There are reasons why you need to get this from your bosses. The purposes of requesting the letter can be:

  • You must need the letter when you want to apply for a mortgage or loan. The agencies and banks need to confirm that you are employed. Besides, the letter can ensure that you have enough income to pay monthly.

  • This letter is useful for renting a house. The landlord will confirm whether you earn a steady income to pay the rent.


  • You can use the letter when you seek another opportunity for the job with a different employer. This letter will be helpful to give the new employer information about your job background.


2. What information is needed for the sample job verification letter template?

There is basic information written in the template.

  • The name of the employee and the contact information
  • The date of employment
  • The job title of the employee
  • The salary of the employee
  • The employee’s number of social security

3. How to request a labor verification letter?

The human resources department is the authorized department in a company to release the letter. If you need on of it, you have to contact this department.


Several companies will ask you to fill out a request form of the employment verification letter, but some won’t. If your company asks for it, you have to complete it well. Follow the instructions they give to you to get the letter.


The employment verification letter template sample is also available on the internet. If your boss needs you to deliver them a template, you can download it on the internet. Make sure it is editable.



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