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Online Id Card Templates Through Canva


Along with the development of the era digital, ID card template trends are also growing. Many companies or organizations have templates with their characteristics. Monochrome or black and white templates have now evolved into bold models using color and 3D games without eliminating the main functions of an id card. Although an ID card is a must in a company, you can create and design it yourself online. One of them uses the Canva application. This application has many types of professional templates that ware tailored to your needs. Next, we explain how to make an id card using Canva.

Create Custom ID Card Templates According to Your Needs Using Canva

  1. Make sure you have an account

Before starting to make the ID card you want, make sure you have an account for the Canva application. How to open Canva on your PC, then select the registration menu and fill in using your data.

  1. Choose the ID Card Template

In this Canva application, available ID Card templates designed by professionals based on the needs of many different people. Start by choosing a model that suits your needs and tastes suitable for a company or organization without losing the primary function of the ID card. After finding a suitable design template, edit the design according to the wishes of its position (Landscape or portrait), the font used, photos, or other components. Following the changing times, you can also add a barcode in the ID card.

  1. Add a Logo

A logo is a symbol or form used by a company or organization to distinguish it from other companies. Many types and shapes of logos, you can make it with a simple form that reflects the characteristics of your company or organization. In this Canva application, there are millions of photos, illustrations, and component designs that can help you and are intuitive. The “Elements” tab provides many lines, icons, and pictures. Use according to the needs you want. To change the size of the elements can be done by pulling one corner. To change the color of the selected icon, you can use the toolbar and use the color wheel tool.

  1. Using photos and background yourself

Design ID Card Templates must come with photos of employees or members. With this Canva application, you can directly add photos to your chosen design card without editing its size. Select the “Upload” tab and select your photo file type JPG, PNG, or SVG. Then you have to pull and release it as you wish. This feature can also use to change the background so that it can better reflect the image and brand of the company or organization.

Apart from the ID Card Template used, there are several other vital things, namely the size and material used. Indonesian ID cards are generally sized 90×55 mm and 80×53 mm. The material used was usually made of PVC, Art Paper, Glossy Laminating, or Laminating Doff. These materials ware tailored to the needs and tastes of your company and organization. Thus the article about making id cards online. It may be useful!.


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