13+ Bubble Letters Template How to Make

You have to admit that bubble letters are fun. When they are used for decorations, they make the entire appearance whimsical and edgy.  For some people, the letters are expressive. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to create such a cute design or bubbly form. But not only such letters can have their own advantages, making them are basically easy to do.

How to Make Bubble Letters

Depending on how you are going to make thin or thick bubble letters, here are some of the basic ways to do the letter.

  • By using a pencil, you need to draw a specific letter first. Let’s say that you are making an A.
  • Make an outline around the letter. If you are new to this, use the pencil first. But when you are already experienced, you can use the marker or a pen
  • Make sure that you don’t make any sharp angles or corners. Also make sure that the distance of the outline is similar all over. It should go around the letter shape.
  • You can make layers of outline as thick as thick or as big as you like
  • Once you are set with the desired shape, you can bold the outer one with a marker. And then erase the inside lines so you only see one outline that has been drawn bold.
  • Color the letter, if you want it to

Once you are already skilled with making the letter, you can add your own twist. Plus, you don’t need to make inside line or outline before. And then, you can add a little twist to the corners or the angles so you can make your own unique and characteristics of your own bubble form. There are different kinds of forms and shapes. Some people may like the rounder letters – the rounder the letters, the happier they are. Some people may like the rather straight format, so the letter is round and yet also slightly straight. It depends on your personal preference, really.

Using the Templates

So, what’s the use of the bubble letters templates, anyway? There are some reasons why it happens. First of all, not everyone has the ability to make the letters – no matter how hard they try and no matter how hard they are practicing. Second, not everyone has the patience or the time to practice. Some people may be busy with their work or with their packed schedules, and yet they need to make an advertised written form – to promote, to introduce, or to market something. Since they don’t have the time, using the templates will provide so much help. Simply print out the templates and you can immediately create a printed form.


In the end, the process of making the letters can actually be fun. For those who have the time and into such a thing, the process can be relaxing. It’s a stress-free release that can also be beneficial for your sanity and health factor. Just make sure that you choose only the reliable and credible sources for the bubble letters templates.

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