Missed Appointment Letter and its great example 

When you are setting the appointment, sometimes you probably will end up missing it for one reason or another. If it does, you need to arrange a missed appointment letter that will help you to explain yourself and reschedule your appointment in the future. So, this letter can help you to reschedule the appointment well.


What should I write for a missed appointment letter? 

To write this letter, you need to make it properly and you have to apologize sincerely for missing such an appointment. This missed appointment letter idea also needs to show the responsibility of the action done so that it will ensure the readers about the condition why you are missing the appointment at that time.

How to create a missed appointment letter 

You have to know that this missed appointment letter document will allow a professional to remind a patient or client why keeping or canceling the appointment timely manner. To make this one, you need to know the ideas below:

  • You can begin your letter by apologizing for missing the appointment
  • After that, you can provide an explanation of the reason you missed the appointment and give an alternate date for a possible reschedule
  • You can end your letter by apologizing once more

Tips to arrange a missed appointment letter 

When you are arranging this missed appointment letter format, you also can apply some tips that will make your letter easy to read. The tips also will make this letter simple so that you can make it great to read. Here are some of the tips:

  • In this letter, you have to write a simply leaving things as is without an explanation
  • You also need to include positive information as well
  • Write the letter brief and to the point

The example of a missed appointment letter 

To make it easy writing this letter, you can read the missed appointment letter example that will guide you to write the proper letter. The example also will make your letter will be better and easy to understand.

This is the sample:

Dear Mr. Brian,

This letter will inform you that you missed your dental appointment with Dr. Ruben David, scheduled on May 1, 2015, at 2:00 pm. We understand that sometimes a patient is unable to make a scheduled appointment due to unforeseen conditions. 

I am sure you consider that missing an appointment prevents us from giving you the care you need. Moreover, it is also detrimental to us because it will prevent us from scheduling another patient that needs dental care as well. 

Due to our records, this is the second dental appointment you have missed in a 12-month period. You are a highly valued patient at Ruben Dental. We schedule appointments so that each patient has the time and attention to deserve. Dr. Ruben will continue to see you as a patient and to proceed with the dental plan of treatment that is already in place. Please contact our office at 666-000-8888 to reschedule your appointment or if you have a question about this letter. 



Sarah Denim,

Office Manager 

Ruben Dental Office 

That is all about a missed appointment letter. In this letter, you have to do apologize and give the proper reason why you missed the appointment.


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