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Functions of Site Map

Have you ever heard about a site map? Sitemap is information that contains URLs on a website or blog, such as a map for search engines. Besides URLs, a site map can also contain metadata. Website or blog owners use a sitemap to tell their visitors about the content and pages of their websites or blogs. A site map is also important for SEO or Search Engine Optimization in search engines. Below are the functions of site maps.


Using a site map will make your blog or website become user-friendly. Site maps will make it easier for internet users to find the content or information when they access your website. This way, your website or blog will be neat and user-friendly. Internet users will not mind spending a lot of times exploring your website.

Website Visibility

Sitemaps bring a huge effect on the visibility of your website on the search engine. Because it can be a reference for the txt robot to explore your website. So, if you want your website or blog to be on top of the list on the search engines, you need a site map.

Websites Will Be Quickly Indexed

If you do not use any site maps, the robot of the search engines will still index your website. However, it takes quite a long time because the robot needs to explore your website per page. Imagine if you have tens or even hundreds of content on your website. It will be hard for the robot to explore and index your website. For your information, the speed of index is essential, especially if your website contains updates or latest information and news.

Increase Sales

If you have an official website for your business, having a site map will help you to increase your sales. This feature is considered as a precious tool to increase online sales. It is purposed to stimulate direct traffic on your website. So, if you want to have better online sales, you should consider featuring your website with a site map.

Those are the functions of site maps. Creating and designing site maps can be difficult, especially if you are not an expert in such a thing. So, you are suggested to use a site map template. There are so many websites on the internet that offer such a template in various designs that you can download for free.

Site map Design Ideas

Site map Ideas

Site map Example

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