Voluntary Child Support Agreement Letter and Its Sample

Child support may be mandated by the state. However, a child support agreement may be voluntary created between both parents in divorces without court proceedings. Before creating a voluntary child support agreement letter, they should check with the state and let the court approves it.


Do Verbal Agreements for Child Support Hold Up in Court?

The court doesn’t view verbal agreements as holding much value. Until men understand the divorce legal process, child support will always be on the “short end of the stick”. You should never take a person’s word for anything that requires her to write it.

Why Would Child Support Send Me a Letter?

If you receive a letter from child support services, you need to examine the relevant documentation you may have. Besides that, you should also hold a hearing to set and appropriate amount for child support payments if they want to get a clear image of your financial situation.

How to Write a Voluntary Child Support Agreement Letter

If you want to write such a letter, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, greet the recipient politely.
  • Secondly, make an introduction briefly.
  • Thirdly, state the amounts as well as the starting date of the voluntary.
  • Next, provide contact details for both parents.
  • Then, you also need to provide information on the children.
  • If there are other benefits related to child support, just add them.

Tips for Writing a Voluntary Child Support Agreement Letter

Writing such a letter requires you to consider the following tips:

  • Follow the proper format.
  • Use good grammar.
  • Pay attention to English spelling.
  • Keep it brief, concise, and easy to understand.
  • Don’t forget to proofread it.
  • Send it to the right person.

Voluntary Child Support Agreement Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Bogiman,

Through this letter, we would like to inform you about a voluntary child support agreement. The details of the agreement are summarized below:


Day-to-day cost is incurred by the parent who is responsible for living agreements.


It is covered by the father’s employment. Uninsured costs are covered by the father for 80% and by the mother for 20% through undergraduate studies.

Income tax benefits:

It will be split based on incurred costs.

Private school:

It will be covered by the father for 60% and by the mother for 40%. Occasional additional costs and all school activities will be covered by the mother, too.

College fund:

Father will give 1000 dollars per month whereas mother will contribute 500 dollars.


Father will make a DP for 12,000 dollars when the child is 16 whereas mother covers insurance costs.


Any conflicts will be settled through personal discussion first. Alternatively, it may go through meditation of the court.

This agreement is approved by both parents. It is submitted to the court for final approval.

Hector Cooper

Alicia Dim, Mother Victor Cooper, Father


That is all about a voluntary child support agreement letter. For your reference, you can use our sample to write such a letter on your own.


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