Hospitality Management Cover Letter You Can Implement

It is a common thing when everyone wanted to be as smooth as possible to get accepted and working for the company they desire. But, there is a way to make your journey easier in applying for a job position by submitting a cover letter. When you wanted to work on the hotel or resort, then try to address your resume and hospitality management cover letter. Here the things you have to know about hospitality management in the hotel.


What Does A Hospitality Management Do?

A hospitality management is the one who manage all the hotel departments and administrative tasks or reports. The hospitality manager duties often oversee, if there is any inconvenience or claims from the client, the manager will be the one responsible for this. Hospitality manager duties are to oversee including maintenance, restaurant, conferences, guest services, room services, and more. The main point to be a hospitality manager is understand to make the hotel comfortable and welcoming the guest.

What Skills Needed To Be A Hospitality Management?

A great hospitality manager always has good and neat in organizing all the hospitality. Teamwork is the basic skills needed in the hospitality industry. Then it will be great if it is followed by multitasking and interpersonal skill. You have to earn the Bachelor’s of Hospitality Management to be a manager, and at least possess any of these competencies such as English communication, housekeeping, food and beverages, public relation, human resource management and business ethics.

How To Write An Outstanding Hospitality Management Cover Letter?

Begin your letter with an introduction and tell what your behalf on writing the letter. Use polite and good language to show your respect and sincerity toward the recipient. Mention all of your competence including experience, education, and skill that relevant to the position you aimed along with evidence if there is any. Be optimistic and positive in your letter.

The Example Of Hospitality Management Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing on behalf to apply for an available position in the hospitality management department with your company Smith Management Group.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in 2008 in hospitality management along with five years working as a manager in the industry. In the past, I was responsible for all hotel departments’ operations. I am teaming with all department heads in managing the issues that appear. My multitasking and problem-solving skills ease me to ensure that everything in the hotel running smoothly without any inconvenience or bring loss to the hotel.

I also experienced in customer service where I often involve in handling customer requests to satisfy the order of the customer. I also have my own procedure and standard as the result of my experience and I would like to apply it and ensure that this standard is as well as my thought or at least offering the same level of service and worth.

I always ensured that all the management personnel are well trained and competent in their own area. I am also able to conduct hiring and training of the personnel candidate with decisiveness and will no doubt in removal if there any personnel that failed in followed the standard of the hotel. I am confident with my interpersonal skill that will motivate all the team and improve the performances.

Feel free to contact me at (123)-123-1234 at any time for further discussion or an interview.


Hilflick Jaff


We hope this article can help you in understanding the hospitality management cover letter. You can edit the example if it is needed.


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