Acknowledge The Responsibilities and Qualifications Before Submitting A Litigation Paralegal Cover Letter

What do you know about a litigation paralegal? A litigation paralegal actually is a person who works under an attorney’s supervision. As a litigation paralegal, you have a crucial role during the investigations until the discovery process in the criminal and civil litigation cases. If you feel extracted to this position, you can start writing a litigation paralegal cover letter. However, there are several responsibilities and qualifications that you have to consider before. Here we have provided that information for you. Check this out.


What are some tasks that should be done by a litigation paralegal?

A litigation paralegal is the key to the investigation team. Thus, you should perform several duties to back up your team. What are they?

What are several skills that must be possessed by a litigation paralegal?

To support the duties, there are some skills that should be owned by a litigation paralegal. Make sure you have those skills below.

  • Critical thinking: As a litigation paralegal, you are responsible to do in-depth research. You have to be careful in every step and think carefully. Therefore, you should have critical thinking skills to support this duty.
  • Organization: One of the duties of a litigation paralegal is to manage administrative tasks. You should keep the case files in a database. Having some organizational skills will help you a lot.
  • Excellent communication: Finding the answer to a case should be done in a team. You must be well-coordinated with people. Thus, it is crucial to have excellent communication both oral and written.

How could I become a litigation paralegal?

After understanding the responsibilities and skills, there are also several qualifications to be prepared if you want to send a litigation paralegal cover letter.

  • Completed a college degree, especially in paralegal studies
  • Possess work experience in law firms or other related fields
  • Took a certification exam, such as Certified Paralegals and Certified Legal Assistants
  • Finished an internship with law firms

Litigation Paralegal Cover Letter Template

If you are still confused about how to write a cover letter, we have a sample of the litigation paralegal cover letter. You may see it below.


Dear Mr. Eduardo,

I am writing this cover letter to express my interest in the litigation paralegal position which was barely needed by your firm Clovelly Law Firm LLC. I also have enclosed my CVto be considered.

I was the best graduate of Paralegal Studies at the University of Wiltshire. After graduation, I was employed as a litigation paralegal in Almost Paradise Inc, for seven years. In this company, I obtained several new skills and I believe that those skills will be required for the litigation paralegal team.

From my past work experience, I have been already familiar with the litigation paralegal tasks. I understand as a litigation paralegal, I need to conduct an in-depth investigation about the cases. In this matter, I have good critical thinking skills. After that, I should examine and create reports related to the case.

Besides, I have excellent organizational skills that will help me to manage administrative tasks. There is also no need to worry about my time management in which will be beneficial to receive multiple tasks at the same time.

Furthermore, my computer skills are superior. It will support me to keep the case files on a safe base. Besides, I also could use the skills to assist the team during an investigation for searching for something privately.

I put a big expectation to be accepted in this law firm. Please do not hesitate to contact me any time at my phone (222)-666-9999 or by email at


Best regards,


Julian Blake


That is all the short brief before submitting your legal mitigation cover letter. We hope that it will inspire you someday.






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