6+ Letter of Introduction Template Samples


Letter of Introduction Template Samples that Can Help Develop Your Profession

A letter of introduction is a type of letter or correspondence that contains an introduction to yourself or other people you know to a network or colleague who is in the professional realm. Letters of introduction are usually used in the scope of job search. Here is an example letter of introduction template samples that you can use.

Begins with greetings

Like a letter in general, a letter of introduction must also begin with a greeting. Moreover, this letter aims to develop networking, greetings are a must. You can use the words dear, hello, or hi followed by the recipient’s name. An example is “Hello Marco”.

Write down the person you want to introduce

Letters of introduction must be concise and clear. Therefore, after the greeting, you must go directly to the core of the letter, that is, who you want to introduce. Letters of introduction can be used to introduce yourself or others you know. If you want to introduce others, use “I want to introduce you to Summer Rose”. Or if you use a letter of introduction for yourself, then “My name is Jimmy Axel”.

Briefly describe the person introduced

After introducing the name, briefly state the person’s role in the letter. The role that is written is, of course, related to the scope of work of the recipient of the letter. An example is “Summer is an accountant who has worked for 5 years. During this time, she always did financial accounting well and cleanly, using various modern bookkeeping applications”. Or another example is “I am an illustrator who has worked for 6 years in the field of visual communication. My job is to create caricatures for advertising in print media”.

Explain the professional relationship that will occur

The next step in the letter of introduction template samples is to write down the professional relationships that might occur. Letters of introduction are not cover letters. The letter of introduction aims to establish networking and the possibility of professional collaboration in the future, not to apply for a job. For example, “I have previously talked to Summer, and she intends to help your project. She can help you with clear and neat bookkeeping. For more details, you can meet privately with Summer if needed”. Or “I like your illustration work in the comic ‘XYZ’, and if I have the opportunity, I want to meet personally with you about the possibility of future collaboration”.

Cover with contact information and closing greetings

In the letter of introduction template samples, the letter will be closed with contact information. Write down the phone and e-mail contact information. If you have a portfolio website, also include it to add references. After that, close the letter with greetings, such as best regards, regards, best, or sincerely, and follow your name as the sender of the letter.

Letter of Introduction Template Ideas

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