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Personal Statement Template Samples That Can Make Your CV

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Personal statements are things that you usually encounter and you should write in your CV. Personal statements are statements that contain about yourself briefly and the “selling yourself” tools to the recruiter. Personal statements usually contain about the skills, experience, also your motivation in a job. Here is an example of a personal statement template samples that you can sample.

Personal statement function

Personal statements are used to make your CV look more different than others. Personal statements contain a variety of things about yourself (in short) so that the recruiter can see your sincerity in applying for a job. Usually, the personal statement will be the beginning for the recruiter to read, compared to the contents of other CVs.

Write a personal statement

In writing a personal statement, even though there are no written rules, you are limited to a maximum of 150 words or about 4-5 sentence lines. This is important because a personal statement must be written briefly, but summarizes your skills, experience, and even your expectations in carrying out a job. You need to remember that a personal statement is a summary of your CV, not a cover letter.

Personal statement # 1: who are you?

In the personal statement template samples, what you first have to write is who you are. Write down your conditions that are relevant to the job you are looking for. An example is “A graduate of a bachelor’s degree program in the field of human resource management from the University of XXX”. Do not write “I am a …”, but write in a convincing and more sell sentence (without “I am …”). Or if you have already worked, write down your experiences, such as “A nutrition analyst who has worked for 5 years in food development”.

Personal statement # 2: what do you have?

The contents of the second personal statement are about things that you have. You are not writing the assets you have, but you are writing the skills you have. Write down skills that are relevant to the job for which you are applying. Also, do not focus on hard skills, write down your soft skills as well. For example, “having analytical skills, applying knowledge management, and being able to adapt quickly in new environments”.

Personal statement # 3: what are your career goals?

In the personal statement template samples, your statement will end with your expectations about your career. Explain what you can provide for the type of job you are applying for. For example, “My career goal is to want to apply all my expertise to develop human resources that are more responsive and can work more effectively and efficiently”.

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