4+ Time Card Template Samples


Time Card Template Samples That Can Be Used To Maximize the Time Card Function

A time card is a tool used to record the number of hours worked by a worker. Time cards usually contain the number of hours worked in a month, which will be broken down per day. There are many time card concepts, but here is time card template samples that you can generally use.

The time card concept

At the beginning of its use, time cards are used for payroll within a company. So, the main concept of a time card is the time when you arrive at the office and the time you leave the office to go home. The time calculation has a special tool, where your card is inserted into a printing press based on the latest hours. However, right now, time cards don’t only work for payroll; also useful for project execution.

Timecard # 1: worker’s name and position

Because of the large number of workers, of course, time cards must begin with the name of the worker and the position of work performed. This is useful to avoid time cards being exchanged between employees. Write with a legible font. You can also add worker ID number and department or the division where the worker works. Don’t forget to include your company name and logo on the top of the time card.

Timecard # 2: work period

Because one of the functions of a time card is for payroll, don’t forget to write the period that the time card is used. Usually use a monthly period, such as “Period: November 2019”.

Timecard # 3: date and time of arrival and leave

In a simple time card template samples, the time card will contain the date and time the worker arrived in the office and time worker leave the office. For convenience, make this date and time in tabular form. Make rows with a minimum number of 31, according to the maximum date in one month. For workers who work on the project for a certain amount of time, usually, a job description column (between the date and time of arrived column) is also added.

Automatic time card charging

In modern times, the time card can be filled automatically, not only at the time of arrival and time of leave but also the number of hours used to work in one day. Normally there will be an additional column to the far right of the table (after the time of leave column) in the time card template samples. The number of hours will be printed at the same time when you print the time card when the workers going home. Timecard machines can also provide information if you arrive late or leave early (usually printed in red ink).


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