What Should Be Included In A Business Analyst Recommendation Letter?

Getting a job can be said to be something that is not easy, nowadays many companies are increasingly demanding that applicants make attractive resumes with amazing work experience. Besides, the applicants usually must attach a letter of recommendation or reference from the company or individual to convince the hiring manager in the intended company. If someone asks you to write a business analyst recommendation letter, it would be better to know and learn some of the important elements according to the letter format.


What Should I Include In My Recommendation Letter?

There are several elements that you should pay attention to before writing a business reference letter. Some of the aspects are:

Gathering Information

If you are going to recommend someone at another company or maybe pitch a promotion for an employee in the same company, you have to know a lot about that person’s quality, skills, and personality. Don’t make a false statement, you can ask the person directly or ask her/him to send a resume.

Explain the contents of the letter

In this part, you can write about your relationship with the employee concerned. Include some examples that make your writing more convincing and can be trusted by the recipient of the letter.

Close Elegantly

In the closing section, say that you respect the recipient’s decision regarding your recommendation. Then reiterate that you are recommending the applicant and hope that it will be considered. Don’t forget to write your name and signature at the end of the letter.

What Is The Purpose of the Recommendation Letter?

A business analyst recommendation letter has a very important role in the world of work or business. With this letter, the employer will consider the contents of the letter you are submitting. If you recommend someone, it will also help her/him to get a promotion, or get a job at another company. Currently, letters of recommendation are widely used because many hiring managers will consider applicants from the reference letter.

Business Analyst Recommendation Letter Sample

The following is a simple example of a reference letter that you can use as inspiration for writing a letter:

Dear Human Resources Director:

I am writing to recommend Harry David who is a business analyst here at company XYZ. He has been our outstanding junior since he first joined four years ago. He was a graduate from Excellent University with honors, we also recognize him as a talented individual in his field. Currently, he wants to have a brighter career by joining ABC Company, Inc. We don’t want to lose him, but he deserves to have a better position and career for his abilities. Therefore, I would like to recommend Harry to be accepted as a senior analyst in your company.

Harry is a responsible employee, disciplined, punctual, and never absent unless he is sick. He gave an outstanding dedication to the development of our company during his four years of service. Some of the solutions he offers have succeeded in making products in our company has higher quality and are sought after by consumers.

At a relatively young age, Harry has been able to show his extraordinary skills in the business field. He is also very liked by other employees because of his friendly and cheerful personality. I am sure that Harry will be a competent and more creative employee in the future. Therefore, I hope that you are willing to consider Harry David to join as a senior analyst at ABC Company, Inc. Thank you for your attention.




William Austen


Administrative Service

XYZ Company

In a few words, many people use a business analyst recommendation letter to make employers choose a potential candidates. So, you need to create a convincing letter format.



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