20+ Free Certificate Template Important Elements

If you are working in the field or industry that requires you to produce different kinds of certificates of achievement or award certificate, having the right source of free certificate template will help you. A lot. Making the certificate isn’t exactly easy. You will need to have all the elements correctly and then there is the visual concern. In short, the certificate should be aesthetically pleasing as well as informative and satisfying.


The Different Kinds of Certificates

If you think that a certificate is merely a piece of paper with your name and your accomplishment, you are hugely mistaken. There are more to it – more than just the titles and the achievement. Whether you are dealing with teacher achievement award or student accomplishment skill, or even participation certificate, you need to know the elements to have in the document. For some people, creating the certificate from a scratch is overwhelming and time consuming – that’s why they are using the free certificate template to help them.

The Important Elements

So, what are the necessary elements in every certificate – in general?

  • The title, which is located on the top center of the document. The title acts as the main headline, providing information of what the certificate is about. It may be accompanied by the organization or institution giving the award. It can be Certificate of Completion or Tilham Elementary School Award for Math Contest Award of Participation
  • The presentation line. The format may be: This certification of award is presented on [the date] by [the giver] to [the recipient].
  • Recipient, which is the person, a group, or an organization getting the certificate
  • From, is the organization or person responsible for presenting the certificate
  • Description, which contains the reason for giving the certificate. It can be a short and simple statement or a longer paragraph with detailed description
  • Date, which shows when the certificate is given. It is generally spelled, such as the 30th day of May 2017 or the Third Day of February 2018
  • Signature, which represents the organization

Besides the important elements of content, there are also important elements for the free certificate template graphic.

  • Border. Although not all certificates have the border frame, it is the common and ordinary component. You can find such a border in most traditional form.
  • Logo. The organizations or institutions may include their signature images or logos. If it is a certificate for book club, it may use a book picture or if it is from a school, they may include their mascot.
  • Lines. Some certificates may have lines while others may have blank spaces. The lines are the guide for writing the description, name, signature, or date
  • Seal. It can be a real seal or the image of a seal

The Basic Consideration

If all of those things are overwhelming, you can always use the template. The templates usually already have the needed factors and elements, so you won’t have to break a sweat. With the free certificate template, you can always manage everything in the simplest and yet most attractive manner.


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