A Useful Guide of How to Write Army Officer Resignation Letter

Resigning from the US Army might have some different process than resigning from office job. There is process that needs to go through, and it refers to the official regulation. One way of doing that is by sending an army officer resignation letter to let the commission knows that you decide to resign. Through this article, you will read some information about how to send a resignation letter for the army and the related information about it.

Can an Army Officer Resign?

The first question coming up may be whether an army officer can send a resignation letter. The answer is yes, they have the right to do so. Yet, an army officer has to serve for some specific time and complete all obligations before resigning. Later, if there is a something urgent happening, national terrorist attack or even a war, the resigned army officer must return to the commission.

How an Army Officer Resign from the Commission?

There are things that need to be done before sending the army officer resignation letter. First, an army officer has to meet the authority and fulfill the requirements before leaving. There is possibility that the officer must pay the amount of money back if they are enrolling to the full funded commission program. Next, the officer has to write the army officer resignation letter and mention the reasons of leaving. The last thing is wait patiently until the resignation is reviewed and processed.

Writing an Army Officer Resignation Letter

After knowing the how-to of resigning from the commission, now let’s see how to write the army officer resignation letter in a professional way. Below is the sample letter that is sent by the officer as he wants to focus on his family after a long period of serving the country.

November 10, 2015

U.S. Army Commission

50 Bright Boulevard


Dear Commander Jacob,

This letter is intended as my resignation letter from the U.S. Army, under the provision of AR 543-123. As the commission required, I have completed the prerequisite amount of serving time and I have fulfilled all the requirements. I am proud and honored to serve the country and be the first row to defend America during the active duty.

I am sending this resignation letter because I want to focus on my family, especially after the accident of my wife few weeks ago. We also have two kids that need assistance and both my wife,and I have no siblings to help us. After a long consideration, I believe that I need to take the decision and focus of my kids and the recovery of my wife. With my achievement during the military as well as the spotless record, I hope this would be an honorable discharge and I would receive the benefits which come along the dischargement.

I am proud to be a part of 7th Command and be in several military assignments within the nation or other countries during the past decades. Please accept the resignation and thank you for the opportunity to serve the country and be a part of the military officer.



Captain Noah Edbert

This is one sample of how to write an army officer resignation letter. We hope this helps you in understanding more about the letter.



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