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The Components of Venn Diagram Template

Choosing the Venn diagram template which is available online is the easiest way to start whatever projects you are working on. With hundreds of examples of diagrams, you can easily modify it to make it how you like it to look. The templates will make it easier for you to prepare your next presentation.

What is this Venn diagram

The diagram is made from two or more circles that overlap and is used to show relationships between the variables. The relationships that are being informed are mostly differences or similarities. In the diagram, the data are not always put inside the circles. There are some which exist outside the circle for they don’t belong to any of the categories presented.

One circle is a Venn diagram that represents one category of the data and the overlap parts show how the categories of the data have similarities. This overlapping area is named intersection. You can include more than two categories which also can be represented by more than two circles in one Venn Diagram.

History of Venn diagram

The name of the Venn diagram is taken after the one who popularized it named John Venn, an English Logician. It was known to be used since the early 13th century but was made popular in 1880. John Venn was inspired by Swiss mathematician and Logician called Leonhard Euler who used the same approach in organizing data. The Eulerian circles were not overlapped like Venn’s.

What are the components of the Venn diagram?

in the Venn diagram template, you will find these components that we will discuss shortly.

  1. Intersection

The intersection is the name to call the sections that overlap.

  1. Union

Union happens when all circles are combined.

  1. Symmetric difference

This is to call the parts of the circles which do not intersect. The parts which are indicating differences than similarities.

  1. Relative complement

The individual circle overlaps but does not belong to the intersection.

  1. Absolute complement

The absolute complement is the name to call any area in which is not included in the set. The area around circles also belongs to this category.

  1. Universal set

The last component that you will find in the Venn diagram template is a universal set. This is to call the area around the existing circles. The universal set is the largest and usually drawn as a big rectangle which then all smaller circles are drawn inside it. The universal set is usually given the letter E as its symbol.

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