Chef Recommendation to Give Chances for Junior

When you act as a supervising chef, making a chef recommendation letter is a good thing to do. This letter can be an instrument to give chances for the junior to get a professional role in the restaurant to show their capability and get more experiences.

On another hand, a recommendation letter also could be a helper letter. With this kind of letter, the chances of the junior to get the position that they want will be bigger. Through the recommendation, there will be a trust to be considered by the recruiter.


What Does a Chef Recommendation Letter Mean?

A letter of recommendation itself means a document that describes some qualifications and skills of an individual. Of course, both qualifications and skills are related to education and employment. It is like a cover letter but written by other people.

It could be said that a chef recommendation letter is a document made by a senior chef to the junior about the junior’s qualification. The main purpose of this letter is to help the given-recommendation to be recruited.

What Helps a Good Chef Recommendation Letter?

These are some matters to be considered when you want to make a good chef recommendation letter. The ways you are writing the letter will influence the result for the candidate.

Some matters to be considered in making this letter are:

  • Providing detailed information about the candidate
  • Writing information about the relationship with the candidate or applicant
  • Showing that you –as the writer, know the candidate personally
  • Writing about the specific goals of the candidate
  • Showing evidence of how the candidate is better and suitable for the position

Things to Avoid in Writing Chef Recommendation Letter

The too-short letter becomes the first matter to be avoided when you want to make a good chef recommendation letter. Since this letter tells about some details of the candidate, you need to explain it clearly.

On another hand, an incomplete letter also becomes a common problem that happens here. The letter should complete. It means when the reader reads the letter, he or she will know the character and ability of the candidate.

Sample of Chef Recommendation

Dear Mr. Harleem

Through this letter, I am glad and confident to recommend Smith for the new chef with your restaurant. When Smith was my student, his cooking skills are incredible, especially the art when he served the menus. Besides, his ability becomes stronger day by day.

Smith also has a nice administrative skill. His attribute will give a guarantee that the management of the restaurant can be handling maximally. I am sure that there will be no problem happens during the service.

I have watched Smith’s career for some years and I could say he is one of the most suitable new chefs that you need. If you need more explanation, please feel free to contact me at (999) 919-1112.



The chef recommendation letter can be a way to help your colleague to get a new prestigious job. Write a good recommendation letter and show an effort to spread the goodness!



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