Apology Letter for Being Late to Keep a Good Relationship with the Boss

Discipline becomes an important matter in the working space. That is why pushing yourself to stay at the office at the right time is needed. When you are being late, especially for an important moment, sending an apology letter for being late to the boss is needed.

This letter can be a way to show a deep apology. Besides, through this letter, you also could clarify what happens. Of course, the relationship with the boss can be normalized and you will be free from the consequence because of your late.


Why is Writing Apology Letter for Being Late Important?

An apology letter can be a document to protect the problem with the boss. Through this letter, the working condition can be normal, as it was. On another hand, realizing when you have made any mistake and taking initiative to apologize is a sign of professionalism.

The apology letter for being late itself can be made as a personal letter. However, since it is sent to the boss –or other employers, the detailed information should be written formally and carefully. A professional tone also should be kept to show a good attitude.

How to Write an Apology Letter for Being Late?

To write an apology letter for being late, these are some steps that can be considered. Of course, the steps will ease you to make a good letter as it should.

The steps to make a good apology letter for being late are:

  • Acknowledge the mistake
  • Apologize sincerely
  • Share the plan to fix the problem
  • Ask for forgiveness
  • Deliver the letter

Tips for Writing Apology Letter for Being Late

In making an apology letter for being late, you need to write it sincerely. Try to use genuine emotion in stating the detailed sentences inside the letter.

On another hand, you also need to be concise. It means the letter should be written simply. Do not make a too-long apology letter. The letter should show the stick to point argument.

Then, pay attention to the timing of the apology. This point should be underline since the moment is also important to be considered. It will be good when you send the apology letter for being late as soon as possible before the worse consequence happens.

Sample of Apology Letter for Being Late

Dear Mr. Hudson

I need to start this letter with an apology for being late to the presentation in the company on Monday. As I have explained at the time, my car has broken and I need to wait around an hour waiting for my wife to pick me up.

Because of my late, you need to change me as a speaker for around 45 minutes. I know that you do it as the responsibility as a manager. However, I feel that it may disturb you and make some targets and jobs cannot be handling maximally as before.

Once again, I apologize for my mistake. I promise that the same mistake will not happen in the future. Of course, I will be ready to face the consequence of my mistake. Hopefully, you could understand my position. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the apology letter for being late that you need to know. Write it carefully to normalize the relationship with the boss.



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