Permission Letter and What to Write Inside It

When you want to have an agenda, writing a permission lettersometimes becomes what you need to do. As its name, this letter aims to get permission from some sides that relate to the agenda. With this letter, the agenda can be run legally without any problem.

The permission letter itself is known as a formal way of informing the planning, including agenda, to other concerned parties that will affect them. In common, this letter is used in several matters, such as a funeral, vacation, and other activities.


How to Write Permission Letter?

Since a permission letter is a formal document, these are some steps to be considered when you want to make it. The basic permission letter can be written through some steps, as:

Tips for Drafting Permission Letter

Before sending the permission letter to some parties that will be affected by your agenda. Some tips to draft the permission letter are:

  • Keep the letter free from any grammatical error
  • Avoid any mistake in writing the letter
  • Use formal language in stating every information inside the letter
  • Ensure that the information inside the letter is clear and accurate

Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Permission Letter

To make a good permission letter, these are some mistakes that you need to avoid in making it, especially since this letter includes a formal letter. Creating this letter with a personal tone cannot be applied. You need to maintain a professional tone here, to keep your integrity.

On another hand, do not send the letter in a hurry. The letter should be sent several days before the agenda. It is quite reasonable since the reader needs to read and to learn the detailed information inside the letter before giving permission.

Sample of Permission Letter

Dear Mrs. Katrine

I am writing this writer to ask permission for leaving. My last leaving is around a year ago, and I feel that it is fair if I request one at this time. Leave at this moment is very meaningful for me since there will be a family tradition to be held soon.

I am humbly requesting around 30 days to leave to get enough time to enjoy the family time. During my leave, I want to go to several families in some different regions. Then, on some days in the last time, the big family will gather for the old family tradition.

This year, I do many things for this company and I became one of the best employees as was stated by the manager. That is why I feel confident that my leave will not disturb my responsibilities. Of course, I will be ready to back on my routine working next year.

Hopefully, you could confirm this permission. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the permission letterthat you need to know. This letter should be written politely with a professional tone.



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