Physician Resignation Letter to Patients for a Polite Farewell

When you act as a physician, sometimes it will be hard for you to quit your job, such as resigning, especially when you have some close patients that are like a family. When you face this situation, it is good for you to make a physician resignation letter to patients.

This letter can be an instrument for you to deliver a polite resignation statement. Through this letter, you may write the reason why you need to leave the job. Then, since you have a close patient, the letter also can be a way to appreciate the relationship.

What Does Physician Resignation Letter to Patients Mean?

The resignation letter itself is an official document that is written to announce the resignation of an employee from the organization or the institution. Through this letter, the employee could show the valid last day of the work and what they want to do after it.

The physician’s resignation letter to patients is also similar. It is a formal document to inform the patients that the physician is no longer available to treat them. In common, the physician also will give an alternative replacement, so the patients could get stable treatment.

Basic Information of Physician Resignation Letter to Patients

In writing the physician resignation letter to patients, these are some basic information to be included. The important basic information to build this resignation letter is:

  • Personal resignation statement
  • Date of the last day of work
  • The gratitude statement for the patient
  • The next step or other critical information to be delivered
  • Name and signature

Tips to Make a Good Physician Resignation Letter to Patients

The physician resignation letter to patients substantively includes in a formal document. That is why the letter should be written in a formal language. On another hand, the writer cannot use any ambiguous words because it will daze and hide the message inside the letter.

Writing a concise and short letter is also needed. The information inside the physician’s resignation letter to patients should be clear and to the point. That is why the writer cannot write a too-long letter informing their resignation.

Sample of Physician Resignation Letter to Patients

Dear Mr. Long

Through this letter, I want to inform you that I am resigning from my position as a physician at Hollow Health Clinic, as I decided to retire. I have enjoyed my work at the clinic but I feel that it is the right time for me to finish my career. My last work at the clinic will be on June 12, 2011.

As your appointment is due before my last working day, I will be glad to see you at my office. Besides, I also will introduce you to Mr. George, the new physician that will handle your treatment. I am sure that Mr. George will be a nice physician for you since he has high skill and a lot of experience.

Of course, I would like to thank you for the relationship in several years. Hopefully, you will be healthy as always. When you need more information from me, please feel free to call me at (999) 121-1111.


Dr. Robert

That is all about the physician’s resignation letter to patientsthat you need to know. Write it carefully to deliver a clear message.




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