Resignation Due to Illness for Building a Polite Farewell

Illness becomes one of the most common reasons why an employee decides to leave their job. The needs for some specific treatments make them cannot continue their work. When you –as an employee, face this condition, you need to make a letter of resignation due to illness.

The resignation letter can be an instrument to notify the employer that an employee wants to leave the job. Of course, through this letter, the employer also could consider the decision and get some breaks to find the appropriate replacement.


What is a Letter of Resignation Due to Illness?

The resignation letter due to illness is a formal document that is written by an employee to notify the employer about their last day of work. Inside this letter, there should be a statement about the leaving reason. Since it is about illness, the employee should tell about it.

Inside this letter, it will be better for the employee to show their gratitude, especially for the chances and opportunities that are given by the employer. Besides, although it is optional, an employee also could provide any help for the management in finding their replacement.

How to Write a Letter of Resignation Due to Illness?

When writing the resignation letter, including because of illness, the letter can be delivered through a printed document or an email. However, you need to follow some basic elements of this letter to provide a clear letter.

The basic elements of the resignation letter due to illness to follow are:

  • Formal greeting
  • Statement of resignation
  • Date of the last working day
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Gratitude statement and well wishes
  • Closing and signature

Things to Not Include in the Letter of Resignation Due to Illness

In writing the resignation letter due to illness, there are some matters to not include inside it. Those matters to be avoided are:

  • Don’t be vague about the resignation
  • Never say you will be leaving immediately
  • Don’t put any negative matter, especially about the company, inside the letter
  • Don’t include any ambiguous words
  • Don’t make a too-long letter

Sample of the Letter of Resignation Due to Illness

Dear Mr. Jack

Through this letter, I want to inform you that soon I will resign from my position as a manager at Hanna Communications due to illness. I have been diagnosed with an early stage of cancer and the specific treatment will be held at Glasgow Hospital starting on May 12, 2011.

My last day of work will be on April 2, 2011, so please accept this letter as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation. Besides, in my last two weeks, I will try hard to finish every ongoing project that should be handled, including transferring responsibility when it is possible.

If my hand is needed, I will be glad to help you find the appropriate replacement, so the running of the working could be stable. Please feel free to call me at (999) 121-1118 when you need more information. Thank you very much for your attention.



The letter of the resignation due to illnessshould be made clear. A clear letter will be useful to maintain your professionalism.



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