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Achievement Certificates Template and how to make it easy to recognize 

If you are looking for the right certificate to recognize the participant’s successful course competition, you need to arrange the best achievement certificates template for them. This idea is important because it can be used to celebrate an employee’s outstanding work for the company.

You can create this certificate in many ways. One of the best ideas is the achievement certificates template in Words. Microsoft Word is easy and effective to use. This idea also can save you tons of time and help you to create a great certificate and awards without any difficulties on your computer.

How to create an achievement certificates template in Word

To create this certificate in words is not too different from the common application. The word also has a gorgeous template that is easy to customize and edited. You only need to change the certificate of completion template for Word to fit the occasion. After that, you can add the name and any details that you want to include.

Furthermore, to make your achievement certificates template idea looks great in Word, you also need to edit the colors and fonts on your template. Most people will apply the completion certificate by using US letter size. This idea will be helpful because it will help you to arrange an outstanding certificate template.

How to make a great achievement certificates template

Besides, your certificate also will be great if you design the name of the certificate bigger than or as big as the title of your certificate achievement. This part is important because it will emphasize the name of recipients without any difficulties. To make it interesting, you can apply an impressive font on your certificate.

You also need to brave to play with fonts on your achievement certificates template design. Moreover, if you want to send it to the school, you need to apply the standard or more formal fonts. The style of the fonts’ text on your certificate will influence the people to read and look at your certificate very well.

Write the description of the achievement on your achievement certificates template

The description of your certificate is important because it will explain how you get the achievement. To make this idea impressive, you can design this idea with a paragraph narrative. You can describe the circumstances of accomplishment. With this idea, you will get a satisfaction certificate very well.

Furthermore, you also can continue your achievement certificates design in Word with the description of the achievement. The kind of text is usually bigger than the presentation line and from the text. Moreover, it should not be arranged the same size or bigger than the title because it will make the certificate confusing to read.

Write the date and signature 

In the last step, you only need to put a date and signature on your achievement certificates template. the date can be written when the certificate was awarded. Moreover, the signature is important to write at the end of the certificate to show the legitimation from the giver.

Achievement Certificates Design Ideas

Achievement Certificates Ideas

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