5+ Sample Correction Officer Job Description Template Important Elements

It would be great to have some sample correction officer job description because not everyone is familiar with such a thing. In fact, written documents are often underestimated while in fact, they are holding a quite important role in the business world and professional industry. You probably don’t think about having such a guidance format for the job description.


About Correctional Officer

Correctional officer is a part of the law enforcement community. They should be educated and well trained because dealing with inmates isn’t easy. The officers are mostly working in local, state, or federal prisons or jails with different responsibilities and workload. Some of them may be responsible for inspecting the overall facilities while others may be responsible for enforcing discipline. Others may be responsible for supervising, monitoring, and transporting the prisoners while doing their everyday activities.

Although the sample correction officer job description may not state it, you should know from very early that the job isn’t easy – it is even dangerous and stressful. You need to have the patience, good manners, and strict conduct to do the job. Depending on the agencies, a correctional officer should at least graduate from high school. Some agencies, though, may prefer at least college courses (or even degree), military training, or law enforcement background. You need to check the job description as well as the requirements.

How to Write One

So, where should you start with the description?

  • First of all, you need the title, which includes experience level, special requirements, and also general term. For instance, you need to write ‘Senior Correctional Officer’ or ‘Juvenile Correctional Officer’ or ‘Corrections Agent’.
  • Afterward, it should include the summary of the job, such as ‘working experience in rehabilitative environment is the priority.’ Or you can also say ‘candidates who are able to work together in a team for 17 hours.’
  • After the summary, it is followed by general duties and responsibilities, like ‘help other officers dealing with inmate management’ or ‘escort the inmates to the job sites.’

The Reasons to Have the Sample

Here are two major reasons to have the example format:

  • Let’s say that you are working in the HRD and you want to post a vacancy for the job. The description should clearly describe the responsibility of the officer as well as the location of the job. There are vacancies in federal prisons – which generally are bigger than the local prisons; thus, requiring people with more complex skills and experience. It’s a good thing that there are different kinds of sample correction officer job description – for the local areas or federal setting. There are also detailed descriptions as well as the general one.
  • The sample format will give you information and insight of the structure and the needed requirements for candidates. If you have never made any description format before, no need to get a headache. Simply consult the sample and you will be able to come up with the right format.

There are many sources for the sample work description, especially for correctional officers. Find the ones with reliable sources of sample correction officer job description.

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