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A6 Envelope Template for More Personal Sense

About mailing, an envelope is one of the most important matters to be considered. Well, not only becoming the cover of the letter an envelope also could be used as a tool to build a brand, especially for a business letter. That is why knowing about the A6 envelope template is needed.

Do you ever hear about the A6 envelope before?

An envelope comes with some different detail sizes and the A6 envelope is one of the most used and popular sizes to be found. When it is converted into an inch, the detailed size of an A6 envelope is 4.75 x 6.5. It can be said that the size of this envelope is not too large.

Basic Functions of the A6 Envelope

The different sizes of the envelope are available and it can be the consideration to choose the right size of it based on the need of you. Then, what are the basic functions of the A6 envelope?

Something that you need to know, an A6 envelope is also known as an announcement envelope or an A-style envelope. This specific size of the envelope can be applied for some different functions, such as sending announcements, thank-you cards, greeting cards, invitations, and others.

By seeing the function of the A6 envelope, it can be said that this envelope is multifunction. Besides, it also shows that an A6 envelope can be applied for a personal reason. That is why you could custom it.

Why is Customizing A6 Envelope Interesting?

Substantively, an A6 envelope can be found easily on the market with some variations in colors and shapes. However, you can make the custom A6 envelope when it is needed.

Well, making a custom A6 envelope is interesting with some benefits that you could get. With the custom A6 envelope, of course, you will have an interesting envelope with a higher personal sense, especially when you want to use it informally.

On another hand, a custom A6 envelope is also interesting, especially when it is applied for business reasons. With the custom A6 envelope, you could build a brand through the appearance of an envelope, especially in doing some transactions.

How to Make a Good A6 Envelope?

When you want to make a custom A6 envelope, these are some steps that can be your guidance. Finding the template can be the first matter to be done here. The template will provide the default shape of an A6 envelope and the pattern of an envelope.

Then, edit the appearance of the A6 envelope. Here, you may write some basic information, such as the name of the company, address, phone number, and others when it comes to business reasons.

When the appearance of the A6 envelope is fixed, print it. Here, it will be better for you to use a thick paper in printing an envelope, so the A6 envelope will be durable.

A6 Envelope Template PSD Files

On this page, these are some samples of the A6 envelope template that can be your reference. All templates are free to download and it is available on the PSD file extension that is easier to be edited.

A6 Envelope Design Ideas

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